Bird Control Services in Houston

Relief From Nuisance And Damaging Birds

If pigeons and other pest birds are a problem in or around your commercial facility, Holder’s Pest Solutions offers nuisance bird control. As a separate service or in conjunction with your company’s ongoing pest control program, our Greater Houston bird control services are designed to eliminate the threat pest birds pose to your:

  • Employees and customers
  • Product
  • Facilities
  • Brand

We have various bird control techniques at our disposal and we customize our program to achieve the greatest success possible. The most common methods of controlling pest birds include:

  • Dispersing agents
  • Mechanical exclusion
  • Repellents
  • Habitat modification

A detailed program involving one of more of these techniques can be developed to control your specific problem.

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To discuss your facility’s needs, please contact us today. One of our Houston bird removal experts will be glad to assess your situation and recommend the most efficient way to tackle the problem.

Bird Control FAQ

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