Fly Control


Holder’s understands that flies have no place in commercial kitchens or other facilities. In addition to the health threats they may introduce, flies are may jeopardize your company’s hard earned reputation. That is why businesses in Houston and Galveston trust Holder’s to make their company a no fly zone.

Holder’s Eliminates Flying Insects

Holder’s offers flying insect control services designed to eliminate common house flies (filth flies), fruit flies and drain flies, to name a few. Let us custom-design an effective program for your company that addresses your specific needs! We have an exclusive line of flying Insect Light Traps (ILT) Models for commercial & institutional facilities, as well as Ag-Models designed for farms and the agricultural industry. We also offer:

  • Exterior fly baiting programs
  • Residual treatment plans to help maximize fly control efforts

Call for a free consultation about custom-designed flying insect solutions for your business.

Stored Product Pests

Eliminate Cigarette Beetles & Other Stored Product Pests

Holder’s specialty services for monitoring Cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths and other stored product pests is an effective supplement to your ongoing IPM program.  The installation of pheromone lures and trapping devices has become the industry standard in helping to pinpoint the source of stored product pest infestations.

Stored Product Pest Control From Holder’s

A professional stored product pest monitoring program is strongly recommended, however, Holder’s also offers do-it-yourself products.  Either way, monitoring stored product pest activity in your facility is important.  It provides an added layer of protection and quality assurance to your IPM program.

Contact us today for a free pest control consultation in the Houston-Galveston metro.  We will evaluate your monitoring needs and propose the most appropriate solution.