2509, 2020

Which Pests to Expect After Tropical Storm Beta

September 25th, 2020|Blog|

Throughout hurricane season, our community sees a large influx of pests – especially mosquitoes, rodents, and cockroaches. The increase in moisture and habitat displacement is primarily why we see more insects and rodents. Now that [...]

2008, 2020

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Houston Business

August 20th, 2020|Blog, Commercial, Rodents, Warehousing and distribution|

Rats and mice are known to cause countless problems for Houston businesses. Not only do they carry diseases and parasites that pose some pretty serious health risks to your employees and customers, but they are [...]

2407, 2020

Goodbye Summer, Hello Stinging Insects

July 24th, 2020|Blog|

Bees and wasps are notorious for making themselves known this time of year. They’re buzzing around our local playgrounds, pools, and backyard barbecues – uninvited none the less. While no one wants to be stung, [...]

2206, 2020

Houston Summer 2020 – Which Pests We Can Expect

June 22nd, 2020|Blog|

As we all know, this summer is beginning to look a little different than it has in years past. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Texas festivals, county fairs, rodeos, and other large gatherings are being [...]

405, 2020

Keeping Pests at a Safe Distance

May 4th, 2020|Blog, Pest Prevention Tips, Residential|

With summer on the horizon and stay at home orders in place, many of us are spending more time in our houses and in our backyards. This increase in time at home means we’re paying [...]

502, 2020

My Neighbor Has Bed Bugs – Now What?

February 5th, 2020|Bed Bugs, Blog|

Apartment-living in Houston is on the rise. Amenities, cost-free maintenance, and affordable rent make the decision to move into an apartment an easy one. While there are many advantages, there are also plenty of disadvantages [...]

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