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Cockroach Control in Houston

There are many types of cockroaches that infest homes in Texas. Their unappealing looks often startle people who stumble on them without warning. While most cockroaches are harmless, the primary species in Texas, German cockroaches, can be harmful. Cockroaches can contribute to food contamination, transmit disease-causing bacteria, cause food poisoning and they can cause an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms. Holder’s has been the experts at Houston cockroach control since 1947. Some may even remember Bubba the cockroach, our neon sign that lit up Southwest Freeway!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Cockroaches are resourceful pests that enter homes in several ways, depending on the species. From crawling inside through small cracks and openings around doors/windows, hitching a ride on bags, backpacks or suitcases, to traveling through pipes and sewers, cockroaches can show up for a variety of reasons. Cockroaches find their way inside homes because they offer warm environments and food and water sources. Once in, they hide in narrow cracks and crevices and scavenge for food at night.
Cockroaches can be very challenging to control due to their very secretive habits. The key to controlling them is identifying where they are hiding and what type of cockroaches are plaguing you, monitoring to identify how large the population is, and using products that draw them out of hiding rather than forcing them farther into hiding. As you can see, it’s much more complicated than DIY options. Holder’s cockroach removal practices and products are specific to your circumstances and ensure lasting results. Give the experts at Holder’s a call today.
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