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Are animals entering your home? We can help:

Wildlife control and removal solutions from experienced technicians.

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Wildlife Control Service in Houston

Wildlife can sometimes can be enjoyable to observe. However, if damage to your home or property is a result of their visits, it’s time to take action. Holder’s is dedicated to following pest control practices that keep the wellbeing of both the homeowner and the pest in mind. Our wildlife control and removal services will remove pests from your property quickly, efficiently and humanely. Our professional technicians will then inspect your property and provide recommended updates that will keep wildlife pests from returning. Holder’s also offers exclusion services, which means we can help you modify your home to keep pests out using a variety of techniques such as installing pest screens, closing small holes, etc.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Wildlife exists everywhere. The type of wildlife you have completely depends on the area you live. Having land that contains water and food sources, habitats for nesting, or even a home with close proximity to garbage sites, are all potential reasons wildlife are invading your home or yard. Trees that meet the roof of your home can allow squirrels and other climbers in through vents and small holes or damaged wood on the exterior of your home can provide access to a number of animals. Perfecting the conditions of your home to eliminate unwanted visitors can be trying, which is why it’s recommended to call the professionals.
Because wildlife pests vary in living conditions, eliminating the problem can involve a variety of different strategies and products. Hiring the professionals comes with a customized plan for your situation and property type. We begin by inspecting the area around your home, determine the reason wildlife continue to linger nearby, and come up with a strategic plan that’s safe for all involved.
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