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Mouse and Rat Control in Houston

One of the biggest complaints among homeowners are rodents like mice and rats. They are known disease carriers and can damage your property by gnawing through walls, cables and additional wires. Not to mention, they’re quite unsightly as it is. Signs of infestation to look for include mouse droppings, food packages that have been chewed through, or hearing scratching in your walls. It’s important to pay attention to these signs, since first-hand sightings don’t often happen. As soon as you notice any of the signs listed, contact a Holder’s pest professional immediately to help you get rid of your mice and rat issues.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Mice and other rodents are experts when it comes to searching for and finding both water and food sources and warmth. Though it’s said that mice and rodents are attracted to “dirty” homes, even the cleanest homes have issues. The source of the issue begins at the exterior of your home. Rodents have the ability to scale buildings, jump, and squeeze through openings that are significantly smaller than they are. Holder’s team of pest technicians will help identify and treat the areas on the outside of your home that may be giving these pests indoor access.
Getting rid of mice and other rodents starts with prevention techniques. Securing the exterior of your home eliminates the access points mice and other rodents use to get inside. Common entry points include gaps in door or window frames, areas where pipes and cables feed inside and even through vents. A pest technician not only will help eliminate your current mice or rodent problem but also help to prevent it from occurring again in the future.
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