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Spider Control in Houston

Common house spiders aren’t the only species of spider found throughout the Houston area. Brown widows, the Texas recluse, the gray wall jumping spider and grass spiders are just a few of the many spider species that can be spotted within your home. Spiders do have benefits, including their tendency to feed on agricultural pests, cockroaches, earwigs, flies and mosquitoes. Although their main purpose for using venom is to stun prey, they occasionally will bite humans and health issues can result from it. Let Holder’s experts remove unwanted spiders from your home today.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Spiders typically find their way into homes through a variety of different exterior openings - whether it’s a door or window without a proper fit or vents without screens. Because outside conditions vary between being too dry, too wet and too cold, spiders make their way into homes for better environments. Additionally, they may be inside because they have found a food source offered. Female spiders can lay eggs that hatch hundreds of baby spiders at a time. Prevent spider infestations from starting by partnering with Holder’s team of experts today. We’ll provide the spider pest control services you need.
The starting point for removing spiders is at the source. Sealing openings that lead to the inside of your house and removing potential food sources will decrease their desires to infiltrate. An additional way to effectively remove spiders is to use an insecticide. It is highly recommended to let professional pest managers take on tasks involving insecticide to avoid putting you and your family at risk. Our experienced spider-removal technicians have the knowledge needed to safely execute a plan that will eliminate spiders permanently.
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