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Honeybees are considered beneficial thanks to their contribution to pollination. They are historically very docile, and will not sting unless they are in imminent danger. Wasps and hornets, however, are much more aggressive. Their defense strategies when they believe to be in danger creates a serious problem for homeowners. Honeybees, wasps and hornets can typically be found nesting in trees, shrubs and other enclosed places throughout backyards. Depending on the breed, they can also build their nests in attics, decks and sheds within homes. Bees and wasps can pose serious health threats. Getting stung can result in painful welts that could get infected, and some people do have life-threatening allergic reactions to stings. Partner with the experts at Holder’s today for any and stinging insect control or nest removal services. Our professionals are trained to locate and eliminate all types of wasps and hornets and can partner with you to safely removing a honeybee hive – ensuring the safety of your home and pollinators.

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Commonly Asked Questions

While bees and wasps aren’t attracted to anything specific, they’re often found in areas that include pollen and nectar-rich food sources. However, they have also been known to nest in environments that do not offer those characteristics. If you have bees or wasps flying around your home, they’ve most likely found a safe haven in your property and have decided the area is perfect for nesting. For areas of your yard that see a lot of human traffic, it’s important to remove nests to prevent attacks from occurring. Our bee and wasp experts can properly remove these nests and reduce harmful risks quickly and conveniently.
While there are a variety of products offered to kill bees and wasps, the health threats that come with the job requires professional bee removal. Our trained technicians have protocols set to safely and efficiently remove these stinging insect nests from homes. We also know how to remove honeybees without harming them, ensuring protection of our pollinators. The demand of the removal process depends on the extent of the infestation, and our professionals can determine the treatment plan necessary to remove bees and wasps for good.
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