Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial Pest Protection

Holder’s Pest Solutions offers customized pest control and disinfection programs for all types of businesses in the Greater Houston area. Our Commercial Pest Protection plan offers:

  • Free initial inspection*
  • Customized pest control services based on your business’s pest pressures
  • Follow-up inspections, preventative pest treatments, and disinfection services
  • Holder’s technicians, there when you need us!

Superior Pest Protection For Your Facility And Brand

Since 1947, Holder’s Pest Solutions has provided quality pest control services to businesses in the Houston metro area. We understand the pest pressures that challenge commercial facilities, and realize that in today’s business environment, laws, and regulations get stricter by the day. So take advantage of Holder’s experience, industry-leadership, and unparalleled quality services and protect your company from cockroaches, flies, rats and other pests.

A Customized Commercial Pest Control Program For Your Business

At Holder’s Pest Solutions, we are experts in applying the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to effectively control pests in a variety of commercial establishments, including food processing plants, restaurants and hotels.  In addition, our expertise in green building practices and requirements makes us the first choice for Property Management firms throughout Houston.  Contact the Houston pest control professionals today to find out how we can help your company achieve and maintain a pest free environment.

Protect Your Customers & Staff With Disinfectix™

We understand the toll that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has placed on Houston families and businesses. That’s why we’re proud to offer Disinfectix™ – a site disinfecting service that kills germs on non-porous surfaces. Disinfectix is an ideal solution for schools, restaurants, retail, office buildings, banks, churches, gyms, movie theaters, government buildings, food production, and warehousing. Contact us today to schedule a free Disinfectix consultation.

(*exclusions may apply)
Seating area inside a commercial building with sunlight shining through the windows.

Industries We Serve

Allow our experts customize an IPM plan to specifically cater to your industry’s needs. Working within the confines of a sterile medical environment or your property’s strict building codes, our team of professionals can manage a pest infestation in any scenario.

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Commercial Pest Solutions

Mitigating an infestation in a large commercial structure requires a much different action plan than the creatures invading your home. You can’t stop a whole-scale pest outbreak on your own, so utilize one of our unique service offerings to match your building’s needs.

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