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Described as small, flightless insects that are external parasites of mammals and birds, fleas consume the blood of their hosts. They feature strong claws that prevent them from being dislodged. House pets like cats and dogs often catch fleas from the outdoors and bring them into homes. Fleas may also jump onto the clothes of humans. Because fleas feed on a variety of different hosts throughout their lifetime, there’s an increased risk of them transmitting diseases between hosts. If you notice any of your house pets excessively scratching, find bites near your legs and feet, or find that fleas just keep coming back, give the professionals at Holder’s a call right away.

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Commonly Asked Questions

If you have fleas, chances are your pets have transported them into your home. Dogs or cats that have been wandering outside may contract fleas from other wildlife nearby. Because of their design features, fleas can travel through fur and prevent themselves from being thrown off of their hosts. They’ll continue to feed off blood on your house pets until they find another host or a treatment has been executed.
Taking preventive actions to control fleas within your home can limit infestations. Not allowing pets on beds or furniture, vacuuming carpets and areas where your pets hang out and removing other wildlife and pests from your home that carry fleas, such as mice and squirrels, are a few practices that will help limit your risk of fleas. Preventative treatments for your pets are also available. This is a key step in preventing an infestation. Many treatment options are available, so check with your veterinarian to find what the best solution is for your animal. If fleas make their way into your home, calling a professional pest management company is necessary to put an end to the infestation and remove possible threats in the future.
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