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Not only are flies a nuisance, but they also carry and spread viruses and bacteria, contaminating food. They pick up contaminants from spending time in dirty places like the garbage, decaying matter, and even fecal matter. Since there are so many different breeds of flies, such as fruit flies, drain flies, fungus gnats and cluster flies, removal approaches vary. Pest control is always a partnership, but when it comes to flies, the partnership is even more important because control relies on a client’s understanding of, and attention to, correcting conditions that allow flies to thrive. Holder’s offers a variety of remedies for each type of fly infestation and can determine the right approach to eliminate flies for good.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The type of fly you have in your home determines the answer to this question. The most common fly – the house fly – breeds and feeds within filth like garbage, feces and spoiled food. Poor sanitation creates the demand for flies and they make their way in through unsealed window cracks and ripped screens. Drain flies come from debris stuck on the inside of drains and drain traps. Sugary, rotten fruits attract fruit flies. Because of how common flies are, most homeowners at some point deal with a fly issue.
While there are many DIY ways to remove flies from your home, depending on the type of fly infestation and the living conditions your home offers, they may or may not work. Holder’s highly experienced fly control specialists evaluate all aspects of your fly problem and determine the practices that will solve your current fly infestation problem. Lastly, we will help to ensure preventative measures for long-term results.
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