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We know that “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work when it comes to bed bug problems. Our specialists are trained to identify where your bed bugs issue is located and to eliminate bed bugs with a variety of treatment options depending on severity. Let Holder’s help you determine what will be the best, most cost-effective method for you.

Conventional Treatment Methods

What It Is

Conventional methods of bed bug control are typically used on bed bug infestations that are more localized. This treatment method is ideal for small homes or low-risk infestations in hotel rooms and apartment units. Usually, several rounds of treatment are necessary for the bed bugs to be removed completely. This helps eliminate bed bugs throughout various stages of the reproduction and incubation cycle. Resident, tenants, etc. are asked to vacate the property during treatment and wait to return until after the treatment has dried.


  • Pesticide Dusts
  • Pesticide Sprays
  • Crack & Crevice Injection / Spot Treatment
  • Mattress Encasements

How it works

Conventional treatment methods provide residual action. This means that the materials working against bed bugs are in effect even after the initial treatment dries. Not all ingredients have an effect on bed bugs, which is why a pest professional is necessary to determine the right bed bug treatment method for optimal effectiveness.

One limitation of using pesticides is access to the bed bug itself. Oftentimes, bed bugs are tucked away deep inside cracks, crevices or even in the wall, making it possible for them to be missed. The pesticide treatment also has no effect on bed bug eggs, which means they can still hatch after treatment. It also means that conventional treatment will require multiple visits. Flexibility is necessary when it comes to this type of treatment to allow for multiple treatments over several weeks, or even months.

Preparation Requirements:

  • Clear clutter in all rooms
  • All clothing and bed linens must be sealed in plastic bags
  • Vacuum the floor and dispose of contents in a sealed plastic bag
  • Empty closets and dressers

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

What it is:

Bed bug heat treatment, also known as thermal remediation treatment, is the most effective method              of bed bug control and ideal for heavy bed bug infestations, especially in cluttered conditions. It is also the preferred method if bed bugs need to be removed quickly, as it typically only requires one round of treatment. Holder’s brings in industrial-sized heaters onto your property and heats your space to a temperature of 120°F or above. Bed bugs can’t survive in any stage of development under these temperatures, so the entire infestation is eliminated.

If you have a more severe case of bed bugs, or you want bed bugs removed immediately, then this is the best treatment option for you. Heat treatments are most effective for areas less than 2,220 sq. ft., including hotel rooms, apartments, condos and small homes.


  • It is a green pest control solution
  • Treatment is typically completed in one day
  • Kills all stages of bed bug development -adults, nymphs and eggs
  • Eliminates bed bugs in hard to reach areas including under floorboards, inside walls and electrical outlets, mattresses and electronic equipment
  • Peace of mind that no items will be left infested after treatment
  • Ideal for single family homes, apartment units, hotels, school dormitories and most other spaces

How it works:

Employing a heat treatment program is best for severe infestations, because it kills all bed bugs at every stage all at one time. Heat is best used to control the insects’ presence in a centralized location and is perfect in removing bed bugs in a singular bedroom or suite. This method can become very costly if multiple rooms require treatment though, so make sure to talk to your technician about the best fit for your specific circumstances. Some structural limitations exist to heat treatment, for example, rooms that are directly adjacent to a concrete foundation or a room significantly larger than the average home. Heating units are also run off generators, so there may be height restrictions on the use of their heaters. If you are situated in a high rise, make sure to tell Holder’s when you call.

Preparation Requirements:

Please follow the recommendations below in order to make sure your heat treatment is effective.

  • Remove all pets from the premises. This includes dogs, cats, fish, birds, rodents, reptiles, etc.
  • Our equipment must be able to reach the infested area; please make sure that there is a clear path.
  • Unplug electronics from outlets in infested rooms.
  • Removing clothing from bureaus is not necessary if they are not tightly packed. If they are, please loosely place them in laundry baskets.
  • Store medication in the fridge or remove from the premises while heat treatment is performed.
  • Store food that may melt at higher temperatures in the refrigerator.
  • Collect all aerosols and pressurized cans, compressed gases, flammable or combustible chemicals, CDs, candles, wax figurines, oil paintings, musical instruments, flammable products, indoor plants, seeds, bulbs, carbonated beverages or drinks under pressure and any other valuables that you may think could be damaged by temperatures ranging between 120°F and 150°F. Place by door in a box so that they can be inspected by hand and then removed prior to treatment.

Our team will provide you with additional instructions/recommendations prior your bed bug heat treatment.

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