Termite Control & Treatment in Houston

Termites are every homeowner’s nightmare. If not treated right away, termites can cause significant damage to your home or business. In fact, each year termites cause about $5 Billion in damage in the US. If gone untreated, homeowners can spend thousands to repair the damage.  Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because their damage often goes unnoticed. If you suspect termite activity, schedule your inspection right away, as the damage may be worse than you think.

Termite Damage Is A Real And Costly Threat

New house, old house… residential, commercial… it doesn’t matter what type of structure, termites are destructive wherever they go. And unfortunately, they never rest. Working 24/7/365, termites cause significant and extensive damage to every structure they infest. This termite damage can be quite costly and may not be covered by insurance. If you’re concerned about these pests on your property, contact the experts at Holder’s Pest Solutions!

Professional Termite Treatment in Houston

Holder’s Pest Solutions has been providing termite control for almost 70 years. Our technicians are true specialists and use the latest, most effective termite-fighting technology the pest control industry offers.

When you schedule an inspection, our state certified  inspectors will thoroughly inspect your home or business, looking for termite activity and damage. If a problem exists, Holder’s can immediately go to work treating for termites in and around your structure, giving you protection and peace of mind.

Ready to Get Started? Protect Your Home from Termite Damage

For an evaluation of your property and situation, contact us today to talk to one of our experts directly about our termite inspection services in the Houston / Galveston area. Either way, our knowledge and expertise will go to work for you immediately… We guarantee it!

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