Pest birds can pose a serious threat to your commercial facility. Anyone who has dealt with pest birds including pigeons, sparrows and grackles can understand just how hard it is to get rid of birds. Not only are they an unsightly addition to your signs and exterior, but pest birds also pose many health hazards when they find a business facility for nesting. But the good news in all of this is that the Houston pest control professionals at Holder’s Pest Solutions has the knowledge and expertise in eliminating the threat that pest birds pose to your business including your hard earned image and reputation.

Bird control in Houston is no simple matter. Once birds have created a spot to nest, they will continue to come back for generations. But thanks to Holder’s Pest Solutions’ various bird control techniques, you can get rid of pigeons and other pest birds once and for all. Here are a few of the control methods that we employ for our commercials customers:

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  • Bird repellents
  • Mechanical exclusion
  • Dispersing agents
  • Habitat modification

There are a few things that you can do as a business owner to help prevent pest birds before they have the ability to spread disease, pathogens, and other contaminants in or near your facility. Follow these tips to prevent pigeons, sparrows, grackles and other pest birds:

  • Avoid heavy landscaping elements including water features, which will provide food and water sources for birds.
  • Especially try to avoid having shrubs near the entrance or other doors of the facility. Birds often hide in these areas and then get right into the facility.
  • Keep doors of the facility closed and make sure any open windows contain screens.
  • Always maintain your regular commercial pest control services.

If you have birds nesting on signage, entryways, or elsewhere in your business, make sure to contact our South Texas pest control professionals right away. The longer you let a bird problem go untreated, the greater the chance for disasters like customers slipping and falling on bird droppings, structural damages from bird urine and feces, equipment failure from bird nests and bird waste, and let’s not forget the title of “that place with a bird problem”.

To learn more about how you can keep birds away from your business, please contact us today and check out our commercial bird control services!