About Us

Providing Houston Pest Control Services Since 1947

Founded in 1947, Holder’s was the eighth pest control company licensed by the Texas Structural Pest Control Board.  Headquartered in Houston, TX, Holder’s Pest Solutions provides complete pest management services to homes and businesses throughout Houston, Texas, and are guided by these three principles of pest management:

  • We take specific, proactive measures to control pest issues within the context of our natural ecology, even in the absence of regulatory mandates.
  • We seek to use the most permanent solutions with the least amount of material, waste and impact to the environment.
  • We aggressively explore and implement alternatives, innovation, technology and advances in materials and methodology to reduce or replace pest management material use and support the sustainability of the earth.

What You Can Expect With Holder’s

On every service, for every client, Holder’s emphasizes quality, consistency, collaboration and respect for the environment. We provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions based on a culture that is committed to knowledge, has a foundation of innovation and has a core value of improving the world today and into the future.

Our History

Holder’s Pest Solutions, formerly Holder’s Pest Control Company, was founded in 1947 in Houston, Texas, by Lonnie Holder, who had served in the Navy during World War II where he was among the first to mix DDT.

In 1958, Lonnie Holder helped form Copesan Nationwide Pest Control Services. Copesan’s sole purpose was to provide stockholder companies the ability to sell and service national pest control programs. Since then, Copesan – Specialists in Pest Solutions, has become an organization with over 325 service centers throughout North America and the Caribbean.

Although Holder’s never used a formal advertising campaign, the company grew steadily throughout the 1960s and 70s into a multi-million dollar operation. Holder’s Company Philosophy — to provide our clients with the highest degree of personal service, outstanding performance and unconditional satisfaction — fueled this steady growth through satisfied clients and positive word-of-mouth. In 1983, Mr. Holder retired and sold Holder’s Pest Control Company to Copesan.

At Holder’s, we realize that our future depends on our ability to provide the most effective service to our clients. For that reason, our entire service team is continually educated and updated on the latest developments and issues within the pest management industry. Our clients have come to expect it and our future clients will as well.

In 2012, Holder’s Pest Control changed the name of the company to Holder’s Pest Solutions. With this change, Holder’s decided to retire the iconic logo of Bubba the Roach and bring in a new professional and clean logo.  This change was made to reflect the new philosophy of providing pest solutions to our clients, both residential and commercial, in addition to a new focus on providing the highest level of quality service and high level of accountability throughout our business.

Holder’s is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Copesan Services, Inc. Copesan is an alliance of premier pest management companies that are united as a single entity for the sole purpose of providing quality pest solutions to businesses with locations throughout North America.

Copesan Specialists in Pest Solutions.