Pest Control Inspections

Pre-Audit IPM Inspection Service

Holder’s Pre-Audit IPM Service helps ensure the highest possible scoring on your pest management program from outside inspection agencies or internal audits.  This service is offered in addition to your ongoing integrated pest management program and is designed to be done a day or two prior to inspection.

Holder’s pre-audit service provides additional quality assurance to your ongoing pest management program.  This extra service helps ensure there are no signs of pest activity in your facility on inspection day, particularly in rodent control devices.

Contact the Houston pest control professionals for more information on pest inspections.

Sanitation Inspections

Holder’s employs state registered sanitarians and can offer sanitation inspection services to assist your in-house quality control. We can help ensure compliance with State and Federal government regulations and customer audits, as well as point out structural deficiencies and/or sub-standard GMPs.

Holder’s sanitation inspections can be provided in conjunction with our ongoing pest management programs or on an “as needed” basis.  Inspections are performed by qualified inspectors trained to “tell it like it is”!  Holder’s inspection reports remain strictly confidential.

To arrange an on-site sanitation inspection, contact us today.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

Termites, carpenter ants and powderpost beetles fall into a category called wood-destroying insects or “WDI” for short. These insects can be very destructive and oftentimes go unnoticed by homeowners and other facility managers.

Holder’s offers Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspections that are performed by state certified and highly trained specialists. Our inspectors are trained to “tell the truth… the whole truth… and nothing but the truth”. Inspection results and written reports, however, will remain strictly confidential.

To arrange an on-site WDI inspection, contact us today.