Tired Of Grease And Build-up Clogging Drains?

Holder’s bioremediation service can ensure free-flowing drains and grease traps, as well as control obnoxious grease odors. The bacterial digestant used is fortified with special enzymes that provide fast and effective results. Grease and gunk build-up can lead to some real problems; so let Holder’s do the dirty work for you.

Bioremediation service can:

  • Control foul odors from drains
  • Eliminate nasty drain fly habitats
  • Help prevent floor drain clogs
  • Minimize grease trap cleaning

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Our commercial pest control professionals are ready to evaluate your problem and propose a solution that eliminates grease and build-up in your commercial facility.  To learn more about our drain cleaning and bioremediation services or to schedule your company’s free consultation in the Houston or Galveston areas, please contact us today.