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Bed Bug Control Houston

Bed bugs have been a significant problem for homeowners throughout the Houston area for quite some time.  They’ve developed a resistance to many DIY pesticides – contributing to their resurgence in the early 2000’s.  Bed bugs are not a sign of housekeeping or sanitation issues, they will follow their human food source wherever they go. Infestations usually occur because bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and they travel from host to host until they establish a new home. From taking over mattresses and furniture to hiding within baseboards and wall trim, bed bugs need to be taken care of at the first sign of their presence. Holder’s has the expertise to provide the immediate and lasting results your home deserves.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Bed bugs are hitchhikers. They spread very easily from person to person by climbing into luggage, clothing or furniture and going wherever their hosts go. One of the most common ways for them to be spread is through second-hand furniture, another is through high-traffic areas like hotels, airplanes, trains or even movie theaters. If there are people, there is a chance bed bugs will be there. When they find a new home, they generally find a small crack or crevice where they can hide, but have easy access to their food source – humans. They are commonly found infesting mattresses, box springs, headboards, bed frames and furniture because they can feed on humans while they rest – limiting their risk. -
While there are a variety of DIY processes for removing bed bugs, they rarely work. Controlling bed bugs requires a very clear understanding of their habits and specialized knowledge of control techniques. Some of the DIY removal techniques for bed bugs can put your family and property at risk, every year there are reports of injuries, fires, or other accidents related to people trying to eradicate bed bugs on their own. The techniques and products that Holder’s offers, ensure that any bed bug infestations throughout your home are located and eliminated on the scene. Our specialized services include heat treatment, spot treatment, crack & crevice injections, mattress encasements and more. Partner with Holder’s team of professional bed bug technicians today to restore and maintain the safety of your home.
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