Total Home Protection with EnviroGuard

Holder’s EnviroGuard Program is designed to keep homes free of ants, cockroaches, spiders and other household pests all year long.  Benefits include:

  • An annual intensive treatment of the interior of your home
  • Ongoing visits including thorough inspections and treatment of the outside of your home
  • Free call-backs if pests appear between treatments

Total Home Protection with EnviroGuard

Holder’s is proud to offer a convenient, effective program designed to protect your home from dangerous and embarrassing pests. Available for Greater Houston-Galveston homeowners, our EnviroGuard Program is an upgraded, ongoing plan that gives you complete pest protection with a minimum of disruption to your schedule. Pest protection generally includes six visits and an ongoing warranty. Treatment may occur more or less frequently depending on need. Our program includes:

Once a Year…

We conduct an intensive and detailed treatment of the interior of your home, targeting and eliminating pests where they live and breed. We remove spider webs, paper wasp nests and mud dauber nests up to 15 feet from the ground.

Each Additional Visit…

We schedule a visit to thoroughly inspect and treat the outside of your home and provide an effective barrier against general household pests trying to enter. If pests return inside or outside your home, so will we, and we’ll take care of the problem at no additional charge!

Holder’s EnviroGuard Program offers you the following advantages:

  • You don’t need to leave a key or be home for the reoccurring exterior treatments.
  • Fewer pesticides are used inside your home.
  • Spider webs and stinging insects will be removed from around your home.
  • We will treat fire ants within 10 ft. of your home.

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In addition to our EnviroGuard Program, Holder’s offers additional residential pest control services, including bed bug control, termite control and animal trapping.  Call Residential: (281) 561-9999
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 or contact us online to find out how our Texas pest control pros can help you eliminate and prevent pest problems in and around your home!

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