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Worried About Bed Bugs In Your Home Or Business?

Bed bugs continue to be a problem in Houston for residents and business owners alike. Whether you own a single-family home or are an apartment or hotel manager, chances are you or someone you know has run into bed bug trouble. No matter who you are, dealing with bed bugs can be extremely annoying and overwhelming because of their size and known hitchhiking abilities.

Let Holder’s help take away some of the frustration for you. We have served the greater Houston/Galveston area for over 70 years and have the know-how to eliminate bed bugs and other common pest problems in Texas. Schedule an appointment for bed bug inspection or bed bug treatment today!

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Signs of Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are not always obvious. Because of their size, they can hide in a range of small cracks and crevices. The following are some more obvious, common signs of bed bugs.

  • Small blood spots on your sheets are a common sign of bed bugs. Once a bed bug has had its meal, it’s not uncommon for them to be squished under body weight. This may leave behind a small stain.
  • Despite the myth that bed bugs are invisible, adults are typically large enough to spot. Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed, and range very red and oblong, to brown. This all depends on when their last meal was. Search in areas around your bed or other lounging areas for pests that match this description.
  • Bed bugs can also be identified by their fecal matter. It has the appearance of black ink that has absorbed into the fabric. Search bed sheets, cracks and crevices of mattresses, under furniture and even around electrical outlets for these kinds of stains.

Bed Bug Bites

Many people automatically jump to the conclusion that they have bed bugs when they wake up with bites. However, bed bug bites closely resemble many other common bug bites such as mosquito and chigger bites. Even rashes and hives may look like bed bug bites. Many people (about 70%) don’t react to bed bug bites at all. You shouldn’t be concerned that you have a bed bug problem based on bites alone. If you suspect that bites are from bed bugs, ask yourself the following:

  • Have you traveled recently?
  • Have you recently had a houseguest?
  • Have you seen blood spots on your sheets?
  • Have you seen black markings on your mattress that resemble ink spots?
  • Have you found any unidentified bugs in or around your bed or other resting areas, such as couches and chairs?

If any of these sound familiar, you may want to get it in touch with a professional who can identify whether you are dealing with bed bugs or something else.

Bed Bug Habits and Biology


Holder’s technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire property for bed bugs. Our technicians will look at areas like headboards, mattresses and bedding, nightstands and even living room furniture for bed bug signs and the actual presence of bed bugs. It is necessary for a licensed professional to perform this type of inspection, as they have the training necessary to identify if a pest found is a bed bug, or something else. They will also search areas where bed bugs are most commonly found, which may not be something the average person knows.

After the inspection occurs, we will provide a recommended plan of action and walk you through your options based on the severity of your bed bug problem. Once we have an agreement, we will go ahead and start bed bug treatment.


In business since 1947, Holder’s pest control technicians have the industry experience and knowledge to resolve bed bug problems.  We offer several cost-effective treatment methods depending on the severity of your bed bug problem.

Conventional treatment

Conventional treatment is the ideal solution for treating localized areas or specific pieces of furniture that are known harborages for bed bugs. Common methods include:

  • Pesticide Dusts
  • Pesticide Sprays
  • Crack & Crevice Injection/Spot Treatment
  • Mattress Encasements

Conventional methods typically require multiple treatments, so an area will not always be cleared out of bed bugs immediately. Before treatment, areas must be cleared out for easy access for inspection and treatment. The property should also be vacated both during and immediately after treatment.

All of our treatment methods are EPA registered for pest control use. Our technicians are certified and licensed by the state or local jurisdictions where we provide service to ensure proper application.

Heat Treatment (thermal remediation)

Our second measure of treatment is ideal for heavy infestations and for situations where immediate bed bug removal is necessary. Heat treatments are often used in combination with conventional treatment for maximum effectiveness. Alone, heat treatment is still one of the most effective means of bed bug removal.

Heat treatment is the process of bringing your room/space to above 120°F, which kills bed bugs at all stages of life. Holder’s will bring in mobile heating units designed to pump hot air in all four directions and raise air temperature of the room, and then maintain that temperature for a designated period of time.

Your technician will provide a thorough checklist of how to prepare for both conventional treatment and bed bug heat treatment before your service.

More on Bed Bug Treament Methods


How much does treatment cost?

Cost of bed bug treatments vary depending on the size of the area to be treated and the severity of the infestation. When you contact Holder’s Pest Solutions for bed bug control services, we’ll assess your situation and provide you with an estimate for treatment.

Can I get rid of bed bugs myself?

Many DIY sites will tell you that you can kill bed bugs by using natural home remedies, including rubbing alcohol or essential oils like lavender, tea tree or peppermint oils. Where some of these home remedies have merit, these solutions require that you see each individual pest and apply the products directly to them. Bed bugs are great at finding hiding places – it’s how they’ve survived all these years. The chances that you will find every single bed bug and apply a home remedy directly to them is virtually impossible. Applying your own treatments can also be dangerous. If you are not applying them properly, and in the appropriate location, you could not only miss the bed bugs, but also cause harm to your home, business, or the people in them.

How soon can you get here?

At Holder’s, we make it a point to be over as soon as possible. We understand the discomfort attached to having a bed bug problem, and will be there as urgently possible.

Is treatment safe for my family/pets?

The health and safety of our customers, their family or employees is very important to us. We use products and treatments that are EPA registered for pest control use. All of our pest control professionals are certified and licensed by the state or local jurisdictions where we provide service to ensure proper application.

Will you provide commercial services?

Yes, we provide bed bug inspection and bed bug control for business and homes throughout the greater Houston area. Read more about the industries we serve.

What areas will you service?

We offer bed bug control throughout the greater Houston area, including Aldine, Champions, Cypress, Galveston, Katy, League City, Pearland and more. View our full list of service areas.

How long does heat treatment take?

A heat treatment will take about 8-10 hours depending on infestation levels. Our heat team arrives between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM to make sure we have time to address extreme infestation levels. Clients can generally return to their home, room or unit in the early evening.

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

Unfortunately, bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to prevent, even after treatment. Bed bugs are typically picked up outside the home and brought back through luggage, clothing, or guests without their knowledge. The only way to prevent them is to be careful of what you bring into your home, especially if you have recently traveled. Make sure you inspect any hotel rooms you stay at and inspect your luggage, backpacks or other personal belongings when you return. You can also run your clothing through the dryer or hot wash to kill off any bed bugs you may have picked up.

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