Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are prime targets for pest infestations. Pests carry disease, damage facilities, tarnish your reputation and can compromise your critical environments. As you realize, the prevention and management of insect, rodent and pest bird infestations in and around your facilities are essential segments of your overall sanitation and housekeeping programs.

Providing Pest Control For Health Care Facilities Since 1947

At Holder’s we have been servicing the needs of the healthcare industry since 1947. We recognize that our customers’ pest management needs are critical and the highly sensitive environments of healthcare facilities require special knowledge and expertise.

What we provide to our customers:

Our Commitment To Our Customers

Our IPM process ensures the GUARD in our HealthGuard™ Program. Our approach is designed to:

  • Make life easier for facility personnel
  • Minimize concerns related to pests and the problems they cause
  • Save customers time and money
  • Make facilities more competitive and profitable with a pest-free environment

Holder’s Protects Your Patients, Staff And Facilities

Pest management in healthcare facilities requires a more technical and knowledgeable approach due to the highly sensitive and critical environments found within them. We recognize your concerns for indoor air quality, reduced chemical exposure, long-term pest solutions and convenience.

Holder’s is committed to protecting healthcare environments and the health and safety of residents, patients and employees through our Healthcare Program. The objective of Holder’s pest management program is to protect your environment, reputation and the health and safety of your residents, visitors and employees through an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process that ensures consistency, accountability, responsiveness and effectiveness.

Our Healthcare pest control program known as HealthGuard™, safeguards your environments with a new level of protection for your properties with solutions for:

  • bed bugs
  • flies
  • rodents
  • roaches
  • ants
  • pigeons
  • other key pests

Full Service Pest Management Providers

At Holder’s we take pride in providing full-service solutions to hospitals as well as to the commercial marketplaces in Houston. As such, we are ready to meet your varied needs with a comprehensive list of pest control services. To learn more about the many different solutions and services we can provide, please call:

Residential: (281) 561-9999
Commercial: (800) 562-8103
 or click here.

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