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Holder’s Pest Solutions has been in the pest management industry since 1947 and we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Holder’s employees have an average tenure of eight years of pest management experience. Our employee retention rate is unsurpassed in our industry, which allows us to provide our customers the highest degree of quality service through highly-trained and experienced Service Specialists.

Holder’s has over twenty IPM Service Specialists with multiple technicians certified as Master IPM Specialists in Texas, as well as licensed/certified fumigators. No other company in the state can offer you this breadth and depth of service.

Holder’s is also proud to be part of the Copesan Partner network, which has more than 100 degreed technical specialists, many of whom are nationally recognized experts in pest management and hold advanced degrees in entomology, biology and other pest-related disciplines. Located throughout North America, this network of technical specialists lends their expertise to each of the Partners and clients.

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  • What are some of the signs of pest activity for my business or residence?

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