Bird Control FAQ

Q: Is my pest bird a protected species?

A: Most birds are afforded some protection under the Migratory Bird Act. However, pigeons, starlings and sparrows are nonnative species and are not included in this protected group. Some local ordinances may afford additional protection or restrict bird man

Q: Do you use lethal bait?

A: No. Lethal bait cannot be controlled across species. We may, however, employ non-lethal bait for pigeons and geese to prevent ovulation and control populations.

Q: How will my business activities be impacted?

A: We are flexible and will coordinate our work schedule to minimize disruption of your business. Holder’s has extensive local resources that can be called on to assist in special circumstances.

Q: How will you adapt and conform to our safety protocols?

A: Holder’s works with OSHA and unions to make sure we meet all protocols. Your company’s protocols will be reviewed prior to performing service so that we conform to your standards.

Q: What tools and equipment do you have for doing bird work?

A: Holder’s has at least one specialist on every job to ensure the safety of all workers. Our primary specialists are OSHA certified to work in lifts higher than 25 feet. Occasionally, lifts are rented to reach higher elevations. Wil-Ki uses the latest mater

Q: What safety precautions do you take to prevent falls?

A: Holder’s uses our own safety equipment – from our hard hats to shoes. Safety checks are conducted prior to each job and we train continuously to stay up-to-date on safety equipment and procedures.

Q: How do you handle health and safety issues during clean up?

A: We use all the necessary equipment, cleaning materials and protective gear to thoroughly deodorize and disinfect the job site.

Q: Do I need a permit for this work and will you help me secure it?

A: Holder’s will work with you to determine which permits are required as part of the evaluation process. In some cases, we will help secure the permits for you.

Q: What kind of insurance do you carry?

A: Holder’s carries the maximum insurance to cover most jobs. We will also carry additional insurance for highly sensitive jobs.