Very few people have unpleasant thoughts come to mind when seeing beautiful and graceful birds flying around or perching on top of buildings. The very thought of rodents crawling through a building will send chills through even the most stoic individual. Even more impacting is witnessing the damage from a serious infestation of termites. Nevertheless, birds cause incredible damage and cost business owners a huge expense in repairs. This does not even include the risk of dangerous and even life-threatening diseases of which birds are known to transmit.

These graceful creatures and beneficial contributors to our eco-system suddenly become agents of destruction the moment they enter the commercial arena. The problems created by infestations of bird pests and their unsightly bird droppings are many. A few examples include excessively irritating noise, roof damage, increased fire risk from nests inside signs and electric equipment, spreading of disease and so many more of which cost business owners millions of dollars in damage every year.

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Not only are bird droppings unsightly and gross, they are laden with uric acid and sport a PH level capable of invoking damage to almost every type of building material including steel, iron, stone, brick and wood. It will discolor paint, eat into the wood, destroy awnings and cause irreparable corrosion to metal roofing and the steel structure of buildings.

Starlings, pigeons and sparrows are known to build nests in rain gutters, on top of drains and inside the overhang of roofs. Their extensive nesting can block the ventilation system of the building resulting in a buildup of carbon monoxide poisoning. Other health and safety issues include more than 60 transmittable diseases and parasitic organisms from these bird pests as well as many documented cases of employees and customers slipping and falling from a build up bird droppings on walkways.

Bird pests also deliver a devastating blow to commercial establishments with their unsightly droppings by tainting the image of the company and severely damaging their reputation. Business owners use strategic marketing techniques and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to create a solid customer base. The competent business owner can ill afford to damage the company reputation by allowing birds to take up residence inside and on top of his buildings.

There is, in the midst of this bleak report, good news for business owners. Among other available tools, mechanical bird exclusions prove to be very effective and are engineer designed to blend in with the building and are unnoticed. However, proper placement is important and it is highly recommended that one seek a professional pest management company to dispose of this potentially devastating bird pest problem.

Holder’s commercial pest control services has served the business owners of the greater Houston area since 1947. Their expertly trained technicians use the principles of Integrated Pest Management to successfully manage and control pests in a variety of commercial establishments. They use various techniques and will customize a plan specific to each individual circumstance. Some of the more common and effective methods of bird control include various mechanical exclusions, dispersing agents, habitat modification and repellents.

If your facility is experiencing damage caused by birds making it their residence, check out our commercial bird control solutions, or contact Holder’s with any inquiries.