Commercial Pest Control Services in Houston Area

Your commercial space demands a pest management strategy that extends beyond the original definition of Integrated Pest Management. Doing so entails a detailed inspection of your industrial structure and building a plan around its most exclusive features, rather than the other way around. Holder’s evaluates your structure prior to ascribing a solution, treating each commercial project as with its own particular scheme. Read more below on how we can aid your business in abating and preventing invasive species.

Silver drain cover surrounded by orange floor tile.


Holder’s bioremediation service can ensure free-flowing drains and grease traps, as well as control obnoxious grease odors.

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Gray Pigeon standing on a flat surface.

Bird Control

If pigeons and other pest birds are a problem in or around your commercial facility, Holder’s Pest Solutions offers nuisance bird control.

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Man in personal protective equipment in an office.


Introducing Disinfectix™ - a site disinfecting service by Holder's Pest Solutions - that meets EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

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Flashlight shining in the dark.


Holder’s Pre-Audit IPM Service helps ensure the highest possible scoring on your pest management program from outside inspection agencies or internal audits.

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House Fly sitting on a wooden surface.

Fly Control

Holder’s understands that flies have no place in commercial kitchens or other facilities. In addition to the health threats they may introduce, flies are may jeopardize your company’s hard earned reputation.

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Large building covered in white fumigation tent.


Should a fumigation service become necessary, we follow all State and Federal regulations, as well as label mandates to ensure facility, product and employee safety.

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Brick building surrounded by weeds and overgrowth vegetation.

Weed Control

Holder’s can provide “bare ground” weed control for commercial facilities in Houston as well as elsewhere in our service area.

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