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Are you worried about pests in your home? Holder’s Pest Solutions is here to help. We are proud to offer an array of pest control services and exterminators in Fresno, Texas designed to control the following pests:

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Termite Inspection in Fresno, TX

Unfortunately, the eastern subterranean termite can be found invading homes in Fresno, Texas and as their name suggests, this species of termite nests and travels underground.  They build intricate mud tunnels just below the surface; these tunnels are used to travel back and forth from their nest to their food source (which could be your home or another wood structure on your property).  Eastern subterranean termites are social and live in large colonies, their main food source being cellulose from dead plant material including fallen tree limbs, stumps, soil, and roots.  While termites generally live and feed outdoors they will take advantage of cracks and crevices along your foundation and make their way indoors where they will feed on the structure of your home as well as wood fixtures and other household items made of wood.  They are especially attracted to wood that has had previous water damage or that is already rotting.  Because termites are most active at night and the fact that they eat the wood from the inside out and are rarely seen, it can be months or even years before South Texas homeowners realize that they have a termite infestation and need help from a Fresno pest control company to get rid of them.

Signs Of Termites Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

If you own a home in Fresno or elsewhere in Texas, there are several signs that will let you know if termites are present in your home or on your property.  Outside of your home, termite signs include:

  • Mud tunnels that are about the width of a pencil in the mud or dirt running towards your home.
  • Piles of wings found under your doors or windows, which are dropped by the reproductive termites after a swarm.

If there is an active termite colony nesting in your home you may notice:

  • Wood inside of your home that appears splintered, weathered or blistered.
  • Doors or flooring that appears warped.
  • Mud on the surface of wood in your home; this is from the termites trying to repair holes that they have accidentally made in the wood.
  • Paint may start to bubble or crack.
  • If tapped on by a hammer your walls may sound hollow.

If you’ve noticed any signs of termites or have come across termite damage, you should seek help from a professionalFresno termite exterminator right away.

Termite Prevention Tips From Pest Control Pros

While completely preventing termites from choosing your Fresno property is impossible, there are many things that you can do to help deter them and make your home less attractive to these wood-destroying insects.   You should eliminate or minimize soil to wood contact near your foundation; this includes mulch.  You should also store firewood away from your home and clean up any rotten logs or wood debris that is located near your home or foundation.  Also, seal any cracks in your homes’ foundation and replace any wood in your home that has been damaged by water.  Getting help from a reliable Fresno exterminator can also help you avoid a termite problem or identify an infestation if it already exists.  Contact Holder’s Pest Solutions to learn more about termite control in Fresno.

Holder’s Termite Control Services

At Holder’s Pest Solutions, we offer two termite control options to help Texas residents get rid of termites that have become unwanted guests in your home or on your property.  After a careful assessment, we’ll recommend the option best suited for your specific situation.  Our Fresno termite control services include:

  • Liquid barrier treatments– A more traditional approach to termite extermination, liquid barrier treatments consist of a digging a trench around the perimeter of your home.  Termiticides are then mixed in with the soil.  The termites will eat and bring the soil back to the colony; also eliminating all of the members.
  • Termite Baiting– Less invasive, termite baiting is a greener termite control option.  Bait stations with a few grams of bait are strategically placed around your home.  The termites are attracted to the bait and transfer it back the whole colony, eliminating all of its members.

After your current infestation is taken care of we will continue providing you will yearly termite inspections to ensure that a new infestation does not occur.  We have been helping protect homes against termites for over 60 years; giving us plenty of knowledge and experience to handle and eliminate any termite infestation.  Contact us today for more information on termite control in Fresno and South Texas.

Service Offerings for Commercial and Home Pest Control

Along with termite control Holder’s Pest Solutions offers a variety of pest management solutions for both homes and businesses in Fresno and throughout our South Texas service area.  Our service offerings include but are not limited to:

Contact us today for detailed information about how we can get rid of your termite infestation or for information about any of our other pest control services available for your Fresno home or business!

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