Galveston, TX Residential & Commercial Pest Control

No matter the season, homeowners and business owners around Texas are victims of pest problems; this is especially true in Galveston, TX, where the fall and winter months remain rather mild. Don’t wait until it’s a full-blown infestation to think about getting professional pest control. Having a pest prevention and elimination plan in place can safeguard your space against unwelcome guests—not to mention help you avoid potentially costly damage from pests like termites or rodents.

Holder’s Pest Solutions in Galveston, TX, is committed to helping our customers along the Texas Gulf Coast say goodbye to pests for good. Whether you found bed bugs in your room or cockroaches crawling about your kitchen, our innovative treatment methods make sure the issue is eliminated while protecting the environment. Plus, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods will kick pests to the curb and keep them from coming back.

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Galveston Residential Pest Control

Pests in Galveston can be relentless and sometimes destructive, which is why regular pest control from Holder’s Pest Solutions is crucial to a pest-free home. Our residential pest control solutions can protect you and your family from all kinds of common pests—from unsightly spiders to roaches and rodents. In addition, our Total Home Protection Plan can help pest-proof your property all year long. We will conduct an extensive inspection of your home (both inside and outside), then formulate unique treatments to ensure pests stay away from your area throughout the seasons.

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Commercial Pest Management in Galveston, TX

Unfortunately, businesses in Galveston, TX—with plenty of merchandise, stored products, and food for pests to feast on—can be highly susceptible to pest infestations. From ransacking goods and contaminating your building to putting employees or customers at risk, insect pests and bothersome wildlife can create a headache for our commercial clients. No matter if you run a retail store, restaurant, or hotel, don’t leave your commercial pest control needs unchecked. At Holder’s, our expert technicians can help eliminate conducive conditions for pests at the source, preventing them from entering your or building in the future. Some commercial industries for which we provide pest control services in Galveston include:

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