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Holder’s Pest Control Services in Conroe, TX

Holder’s Pest Solutions provides complete pest management services to homes and businesses in the Conroe community. Our pest management professionals offer custom solutions to troublesome pests from your Texas residence, from stinging insects and rodents to bed bugs and termites.

Since 1947, we’ve operated on this philosophy – to provide our clients with the highest degree of personal service and unconditional satisfaction. Whether you live in Conroe or right next to U.S. Highway 45, our service technicians are available to solve your pest problem. Give us a call to schedule a pest control inspection or learn more about our services today.

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Pest Control Services


Residential Pest Control in Conroe

With proximity to Lake Conroe and two National forests, it’s no secret that Conroe residents face their fair share of pest problems. Fortunately for you, Holder’s Pest Solutions offers proven pest control strategies to eliminate all sorts of pests, from mosquitoes and cockroaches to rodents and other small wildlife. Our pest programs are tailored to your unique needs and will always put the safety of your home, family, and pets first.

Commercial Pest Control in Conroe

Conroe homeowners aren’t the only ones who face troublesome pests. From manufacturing to property management, the commercial pest control programs offered by Holder’s are based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We serve a wide variety of industries throughout the Greater Houston area, including:

Education and Daycare

Food and Beverage Processing


If your business or commercial building is dealing with a pest infestation, Holder’s can help. Call us today (281) 561-9999 to schedule an inspection and begin regular pest control programs to keep your employees, customers, and facility safe from pest problems.

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Whether you need regular pest service to keep your Conroe home free of unwanted invaders or you are a business owner seeking relief from insects or rodents, contact Holder’s Pest Solutions. Our experts can put you on the path to a pest-free facility or residence. To get started, get your free pest control quote.