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Since 1947 Holder’s has been committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations of a pest control company. Through consistent communication and documentation, you can be sure that our processes will be thoroughly explained to you prior a treatment. Additionally, we will monitor your program’s effectiveness through the use of electronic service reports, web-based data reporting, and triggered deficiency notices. At Holder’s we offer a multitude of services including:

Termite Inspection and Treatment in Kingwood, TX

Holder’s Pest Solutions has been providing termite control for over 70 years. Our technicians are true specialists and use the latest, most effective termite-fighting technology the pest control industry offers. We provide comprehensive termite treatment plans that include a free initial termite inspection and a range of control methods that are customized to suit your problem areas.

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Common Pest Problems in Kingwood, TX

At Holder’s Pest Solutions we understand the stresses that many Texans face when it comes to pests. We are familiar with the seasonality of these pests and their unique behavior patterns. With our knowledge, qualifications, and experience you can be sure your pest problem will be located and eradicated quickly, effectively, and discretely. Common pests you may see on your Kingwood property include:

Crazy Ants– These ants officially go by the name “Rasberry Crazy Ants”. They have rightfully earned this name because of the “crazy” behavior they display. If you have ever seen a crazy ant before then you know how they move very quickly in what seems like unorthodox directions. A crazy ant is about 1/8 of an inch long. They are one of the more dominant ants in Texas which means they can take over an area and change that eco-system very easily. However, these ants are not great travelers and none of their members can fly, which is why, unless a human unintentionally transports them, it will take their colony a while to reach new destinations. Crazy ant populations are immense in numbers and unlike the fire ant that typically would not bother you unless contact is made, these “crazy” ants can take over an area quickly. These ants are a specific threat to your home’s electrical system as they can commonly search for a place to nest amongst the wires, which often results in electrical malfunctions.

Pharaoh AntsPharaoh ants are about 1/16 an inch in length and are a common pest seen in Kingwood, Texas. These ants usually are a pale yellow or red color with a black abdomen. They seek out shelter in warm places where the humidity is high; making your home a perfect choice for them. They will go to great lengths to locate food and water, and they are capable of spreading diseases through the contamination of food. They have become a problem in apartment buildings, hospitals, and grocery stores. They are a determined and resourceful ant that will stop at nothing to ensure their colony, which is typically very large, have a supply of moisture and food.

TicksTicks are one of the most dreaded pests as they are capable of transmitting diseases that could affect the health of a human. These tiny but threatening insects are usually spotted in tall grass or woodsy areas just waiting to choose their next host to feed on. When a tick bites you it may potentially spread Lyme Disease or even the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. If a tick has embedded itself on your skin you will notice a sort of large, bubbly scab that was not there before. If you experience a situation like this do not wait to get the area taken care of; early removal can help reduce your chances of contracting a disease from this pest. If you live in a rural area and have pets you should scan them often, especially during the summer months, for these invasive pests. Also, you should be mindful of ticks when hiking or embarking on any outdoor adventure. Precautionary measures can help deter these pests from choosing you as their next blood meal.

Roaches– Roaches are a very common pest seen throughout South Texas. There are several different species of cockroaches. The most common cockroaches spotted in Kingwood homes include the American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the German cockroach. Cockroaches may seem invincible to many as they are able to survive up to a week without their heads and can tolerate being submerged in water for a half an hour. These repulsive insects can run up to three miles an hour and their babies can almost reach their parent’s speed within a day of its birth. Their will to survive and their fast-moving attributes make it easy for them to exist in an active home. Cockroaches are capable of spreading diseases and causing allergic reactions in some people.

Snakes– You may have snakes on your property because the conditions are conducive to their specific needs. Vegetation, where small animals feed, can attract snakes, as well as bodies of water such as lakes and ponds. Snakes can also seek shelter in barns, garages, and even homes when they are able to gain access. Snakes come in all kind of shapes, sizes, and patterns. Some snakes are venomous and some are not. The most commonly dealt with snakes in Texas include:

  • Texas Rat Snake– These snakes a non-venomous species that can reach over 6 feet long. These guys are colored in a mostly yellow to tan color and have olive green or brown blotching on their body with a solid grey head.
  • Western Cotton Mouth– This is a venomous species of snake. They are often referred to as a water moccasin and can range between 2-3 feet in length. They have a flat, wide head with an upturned nose. They are brown in color with dark cross bands across their back. Their thick body tapers into a thin section near the tail region.
  • Texas Corn Snake– A corn snake can range anywhere from 3-6 feet. They are orange in color with a black line around red-colored markings going down their back. A corn snake’s stomach is black and white checkered and they are not a venomous species.
  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake– This snake can grow between 3 and 7 feet. They are a venomous species, recognizable by their triangular shaped head and the dark diamond pattern running down its back. Near the rattle part of the tail are white bands.

Other troublesome wildlife you may encounter here in Texas include possums, skunks, squirrels, bats, and raccoons.

Home Pest Control in Kingwood, TX

At Holder’s Pest Solutions we understand how stressful and embarrassing a pest infestation can be and this is why we have created a comprehensive home pest control program designed to protect your home against general household pests. We will protect your home’s interior and exterior by introducing our proven methods of pest management with our Total Home Pest Protection program. In addition to our Total Home Protection program, we also offer animal trapping in Kingwood, TX for the wildlife that may have disturbed your property and daily routine. Whether you are in need of ant control, rodent control or need help with a snake issue, Holder’s is ready to eliminate the pest problem and help restore your peace of mind! Contact us today for more information about our Kingwood home pest control and animal trapping programs.

If you would like more information on the services available, or you are in need of an exterminator in Kingwood you can trust, contact Holder’s Pest Solutions today.

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