All this talk about termites swarming in Texas made us wonder, do you know what swarming termites are? For someone who has not experienced a termite infestation in Texas or anywhere else for that matter, the words ‘swarmers’ and ‘termite swarms’ may be foreign. So to help clear things up so we are all on the same page, the Texas pest control team at Holder’s Pest Solutions would like to share some information on swarmers.

Every termite colony contains a group called swarmers. These are the reproductive termites that have wings. They can be confused with flying ants but swarmers have a more broad shaped body and two sets of wings that are even in length unlike flying ants. Swarmers do not eat wood like the workers in the colony. Their job is to find a mate and keep the termite population expanding.

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So every year, usually around springtime, the swarmers emerge from the colony in what is called a termite swarm. Hundreds of these flying termites will flee from the colony in a matter of minutes in an attempt to find a mate before their wings detach and they land back on the ground. If you have ever seen a termite swarm it is a few moments of sheer chaos. Depending on where the termite colony is located, the swarm could take place inside the home, in a screened in porch, or just out in the open. Regardless, termite swarms are an alarming sight!

It is important to understand that termite swarms are not going to cause you any harm. Swarmers do not bite, sting or harm you in any way…aside from the scare factor. But if you do see a termite swarm then it is a very clear indication that you have a termite colony nearby, maybe even inside your home! In this case, it is time to call the TX termite control experts for an inspection right away. If you noticed the swarmers emerging from a specific area, go ahead and mark that area with tape. You can also vacuum up the wings if they are all over your home or porch.

Because termite infestations have the potential for such severe and costly damage, termite control should always be left to the professionals. At Holder’s Pest Solutions we are prepared to inspect, locate and treat termite colonies that currently exist and continuously to protect your home and property from future termite infestations. So when you hear the yell, “the termites are swarming, the termites are swarming”, contact Holder’s Pest Solutions to get rid of termites quickly.