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25 07, 2016

How Pest Birds Can Affect Your Business

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Birds hold such a unique position in the global ecosystem. They seed the earth with life-sustaining plants, dispose of carcasses and other road kill, control [...]

22 05, 2015

Unsightly Bird Droppings Cause Damage

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Very few people have unpleasant thoughts come to mind when seeing beautiful and graceful birds flying around or perching on top of buildings. The very thought of rodents crawling through a building will send chills through even the most stoic individual. Even more impacting is witnessing the damage from a serious infestation of termites. Nevertheless, birds cause incredible damage and cost business owners a huge expense in repairs. This does not even include the risk of dangerous and even life-threatening diseases of which birds are known to transmit.

10 04, 2015

Bird Control For Your Houston Facility

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Pest birds can pose a serious threat to your commercial facility. Anyone who has dealt with pest birds including pigeons, sparrows and grackles can understand just how hard it is to get rid of birds. Not only are they an unsightly addition to your signs and exterior, but pest birds also pose many health hazards when they find a business facility for nesting. But the good news in all of this is that the Houston pest control professionals at Holder’s Pest Solutions has the knowledge and expertise in eliminating the threat that pest birds pose to your business including your hard earned image and reputation.

5 01, 2015

5 Ways To Attract Birds

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Birds can be colorful, pretty, and fascinating to watch. But, to a Houston, Texas business owner, birds are trouble. Pest birds are noisy, difficult to control, can damage your property, and can build unsightly nests on your buildings. Their feces can transmit a variety of dangerous diseases, it will corrode your building, and a build-up of feces can cause slip and fall accidents and let’s face it, a business covered in bird feces is not super appealing to customers.

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