Birds can be colorful, pretty, and fascinating to watch. But, to a Houston, Texas business owner, birds are trouble. Pest birds are noisy, difficult to control, can damage your property, and can build unsightly nests on your buildings. Their feces can transmit a variety of dangerous diseases, it will corrode your building, and a build-up of feces can cause slip and fall accidents and let’s face it, a business covered in bird feces is not super appealing to customers.

For these reasons, the experts at Holder’s Pest Solutions want to help you stop pest birds from taking over your property. There are five common things that attract birds to properties, and many business owners unknowingly provide those things, creating a perfect environment for pest birds to live in.

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5 ways to attract pest birds (even though you aren’t trying) to your Houston property include:

  1. Providing easy water sources. Having fountains and other man-made water features in front of your business will most certainly attract birds to your property.
  2. Having a lot of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other landscaping located directly next to your building. Although it looks nice, it can attract birds and many other types of damaging pests to your property.
  3. Trash receptacles that are located near your building that are not equipped with tight fitting lids. Many birds and other pests will use unsecured trash as an easy food source.
  4. Gutters and drainage pipes that are clogged can act as perfect nesting areas for pest birds. Clogged gutters can also provide another unintentional water source for birds.
  5. Feeding birds. Either with bird feeders or by people feeding them bits of their own food, on or around your property.

The fastest way to stop problems with pest birds is to immediately remedy the situations that are attracting birds to your Houston property. Many of the changes are easy and inexpensive to do, but will make a huge difference in the number of birds flocking to your property. Along with making your own changes, getting help from a professional bird control expert will also greatly reduce your problems with pest birds. Professionals can implement exclusion methods, provide repellants, and offer many other control ideas and techniques to control the pest birds on your property.

For more information about Houston bird control services, contact Holder’s Pest Solutions today. We will be happy to sit down with you and develop a detailed plan to control your unique problem with pest birds. Don’t let your property go to the birds, get help today!