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22 08, 2019

Bed Bugs: A Costly Souvenir

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With the holidays fast approaching, our weekends are booked. Whether you’re traveling to a beach resort with your family or staying overnight at your relatives’ [...]

7 06, 2017

Bed Bug Awareness Week

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June 4 – 10 is Bed Bug Awareness Week, an annual observance by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to promote public vigilance against bed [...]

14 03, 2017

What Parents Should Know About Bed Bugs

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As you tuck your children into bed, you might recite the old phrase, “Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” With the bed [...]

11 02, 2017

Protecting Your Hotel’s Reputation from Bed Bugs

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The high traffic nature of your business means you are a prime target for bed bug infestations. The unfortunate truth is that there is really [...]

21 11, 2016

Bed Bugs: Fact vs Fiction

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Bed bugs are on the rise in Houston and throughout the country, triggering nightmares in households everywhere. The thought alone is enough to leave one [...]

30 11, 2015

Dispelling Bed Bug Myths

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“Cimex lectularius” has a common name that is inherently disturbing: “bed bug.” Our beds should be a safe haven; an escape from the outside world and life’s stress. These insects appear at night and crawl throughout your bed sheets, creating an incredibly unnerving feeling when you’re mustering every ounce of strength to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Indeed, researchers have found, albeit in small sample sizes, that individuals with bed bug-ridden sleeping areas exhibit signs of restlessness and paranoia throughout the night. These blood suckers are truly an enigma when it comes to understanding their effect on human behavior and psychology. 

26 10, 2015

A Few Things Every Hotelier Should Know About Bed Bugs

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Nothing will send potential customers packing faster than bed bugs. A recent survey performed at The University of Kentucky showed bed bugs as the number one reason an individual would choose to leave a hotel.  In some extreme cases, bed bug infestations even lead to large financial implications such as lawsuits. The unfortunate reality is that the nature of your business comes with the risk of a bed bug infestation. It’s important to remember, a bed bug infestation is not a matter of hygiene or cleanliness. These pests do not discriminate.

26 06, 2015

How To Handle Bed Bug Complaints In Hotels

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Do you have a bed bug plan? In this modern age of social media, you can't afford not to. All it takes is one bed bug incident to keep potential guests away. Three or more complaints could leave you with a publicity nightmare--not to mention a possible lawsuit. Don't let bed bugs take you by surprise. Get proactive and develop a written plan that will protect your business from bad press and potential liability. The following are guidelines established by the National Pest Management Association to help you get your plan started.

8 06, 2015

Bed Bug Awareness Week

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If you're about to go camping in an area where large numbers of rattlesnakes have been reported, would you want someone to tell you? Of course you would. Though ignorance is bliss, it just isn't safe. You need to be aware of the dangers around you or you will find yourself a victim to those dangers. If you're about to vacation in a hotel that is teaming with bed bugs, would you want to know? Of course you would. Bed bugs can completely ruin a vacation, and travel home with you to add even more misery to your life. Well, we may not be able to tell you where those bed bugs will be, but we can give you some practical advice on how to protect yourself.

3 06, 2015

Benefits Of Treating Bed Bugs With Heat

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You don’t often see bed bugs, unless of course you have a severe infestation. If you’ve woken up to tiny red bites on your limbs or exposed skin, a closer examination of your bedding and mattress could reveal live bugs and/or signs of them. Their ideal hiding places are usually in mattresses and box springs. They can also be hiding in the cracks of your bed frame and headboard. As they continue to multiply, the bed bugs will spread through the bedroom and into other rooms of the house or apartment building.

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