Bed bugs are on the rise in Houston and throughout the country, triggering nightmares in households everywhere. The Brown Bed Bug on white background.thought alone is enough to leave one squirming and itching while trying to get a good night’s sleep. There are a lot of misconception surrounding bed bugs though, so our bed bug experts at Holder’s want to set the record straight.

Fiction: Bed Bugs Are Only Found in Beds

The name “bed bug” is very misleading as these pests spread to any area frequented by people – from suitcases and recliners to handrails and even ceilings. Once you’ve suspect any size infestation, you’ll want to get a professional in right away to inspect all possible areas these critters might be hiding.

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Fiction: Bed Bugs Only Bite at Night

While, “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” might make you think these creatures only come out at night, that’s not entirely true. While bed bugs are nocturnal by nature, bright lights will not deter them if they are hungry enough to feed. So if you’re plan is to keep all the lights on until someone comes to get rid of these monsters, you’ll want to think twice.

Fiction: You Can Simply Spray the Bed Bugs Away With Over the Counter Products

While it may be tempting to plug “Bed Bug Spray” into your Amazon search bar, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment with your DIY remedies. If you suspect you may have a bed bug issue, it’s best to leave everything to the professionals. Their inspection will help ensure you’ve found all areas of infestation and their expertise will help you find the absolute best remedy to the problem.

Fiction: Once You’ve Gotten Rid of Bed Bugs, You’re In the Clear

With any bed bug treatment, from conventional treatments to thermal remediation, there is a possibility of re-introduction. There is no treatment that leaves a residual effect to prevent another infestation. The best way to prevent re-introduction is to actively inspect for signs of infestation and change habits that might make you more susceptible.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by misconceptions around bed bugs and bed bug infestations. If you suspect a bed bug problem, your best course of action is to consult a professional. Holder’s Pest Control offers bed bug extermination and control services for residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the Greater Houston Area. As a Copesan partner, we are also able to connect you with a wide-reaching service area of pest control professionals. Contact us today for more information.