If you’re about to go camping in an area where large numbers of rattlesnakes have been reported, would you want someone to tell you? Of course you would. Though ignorance is bliss, it just isn’t safe. You need to be aware of the dangers around you or you will find yourself a victim to those dangers. If you’re about to vacation in a hotel that is teaming with bed bugs, would you want to know? Of course you would. Bed bugs can completely ruin a vacation, and travel home with you to add even more misery to your life. Well, we may not be able to tell you where those bed bugs will be, but we can give you some practical advice on how to protect yourself.

  • Bed bugs can be found in hotels, motels, resorts, cabins, cruise ships, planes, buses, taxi cabs, trains and even movie theaters. Yuck.
  • Before going on vacation, remember to visit bedbugregistry.com, even if you plan on staying in a 5-star hotel.
  • Bed bugs do not discriminate. They infest the most luxurious accommodations.
  • You do not need to be asleep for bed bugs to feed on you without detection.
  • Bed bugs feed multiple times. If you find mosquito-like bites in a row or cluster, they could be bed bugs.
  • If you bring used furniture into your house, always check for bed bugs.
  • Mattresses and furniture infested with bed bugs will have black fecal residue in the creases, corners or seams.
  • Bed bug larvae can be as tiny as the tip of a pencil.
  • Bed bugs leave tiny blood stains on sheets and pillowcases.
  • Bed bugs hitch a ride in suitcases, bags, clothing, bedding, boxes and electronics.
  • Bed bug eggs do not need the mother to hatch. An infestation can begin from eggs alone.
  • Heat kills bed bugs. When returning from vacation, wash and dry everything on the hottest temperature.

As part of Bed Bug Awareness Week, held June 7-13, Tweet or post one of these bed bug tips, along with the hashtag #BBAW. Together, we can prevent these bugs from ruining our holiday fun, and keep them from returning home with us. Help slow the spread of bed bugs and prevent costly infestations by taking part in Bed Bug Awareness Week.

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