Is Your Home Protected From Pests?

Our Total Home Protection Plan Offers:

  • Annual intensive interior treatment

  • Ongoing quarterly inspection & treatment visits

  • Free call-backs if pests appear between treatments

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Superior Pest Protection 

Our Commercial Pest Protection Plan offers:

  • Free initial inspection*

  • Customized pest control services based on your business’s pest pressures

  • Follow-up inspections and preventative pest treatments

  • Holder’s technicians, there when you need us!

(*exclusions may apply)

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pest predictor

Do you want to know what pest activity you can expect at any given time? Check out our Pest Predicator feature. Simply select a month and find out what pests you are likely to encounter!

Holder's News

Unsightly Bird Droppings Cause Damage

May 22, 2015

Very few people have unpleasant thoughts come to mind when seeing beautiful and graceful birds flying around or perching on top of buildings. The very thought of rodents crawling through a building will send chills through even the most stoic individual. Even more impacting is witnessing the damage from a serious infestation of termites. Nevertheless, birds cause…

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Houston Termite Control

May 19, 2015

If you became aware that your home is currently resting on a fault line, would you get earthquake insurance? What if you learned that the region your home sits in is 5 times more likely to get flooded in spring? Would you get flood insurance? Houston, we have a problem. Eastern Texas is home to every type of termite that can infest a home, including the voracious Formosan…

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Are Red Ants In Houston Dangerous?

April 14, 2015

Red imported fire ants are much more than a nuisance to the residents of Houston. The impact of this ant in the State of Texas has created a serious problem, costing an estimated $1.2 billion each year. The red imported fire ant is no respecter of persons, attacking urban, agricultural and wildlife areas. This red ant poses a tremendous health risk to humans, animals and…

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The Solution For Termites In Houston

April 13, 2015

When it comes to home-wrecking termite species, Houston Texas has them all. High humidity and prolonged hot weather make Houston an ideal home from the most destructive of all termites: The Eastern Subterranean Termite--a species of termite that can total a home in as little as two years. But, fortunately, there is a solution. With advancements in modern termite control…

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Bird Control For Your Houston Facility

April 10, 2015

Pest birds can pose a serious threat to your commercial facility. Anyone who has dealt with pest birds including pigeons, sparrows and grackles can understand just how hard it is to get rid of birds. Not only are they an unsightly addition to your signs and exterior, but pest birds also pose many health hazards when they find a business facility for nesting. But the good…

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