Is Your Home Protected From Pests?

Our Total Home Protection Plan Offers:

  • Annual intensive interior treatment

  • Ongoing quarterly inspection & treatment visits

  • Free call-backs if pests appear between treatments

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Superior Pest Protection 

Our Commercial Pest Protection Plan offers:

  • Free initial inspection*

  • Customized pest control services based on your business’s pest pressures

  • Follow-up inspections and preventative pest treatments

  • Holder’s technicians, there when you need us!

(*exclusions may apply)

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pest predictor

Do you want to know what pest activity you can expect at any given time? Check out our Pest Predicator feature. Simply select a month and find out what pests you are likely to encounter!

Holder's News

Food Processing Pest Management That Makes Sense

March 20, 2015

Due to advancements in natural pest control and an increase in regulatory requirements food and beverage processing facilities are shifting from practice of responding to pest problems, to one that is proactive in preventing them. With modern Integrated Pest Management, facility operators are now able to effectively and safely keep pests from spreading disease and illness…

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What Does A Healthy Hospital Look Like?

March 13, 2015

A hospital is a place of healing, and it is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to provide an environment that is clean and safe. This is why more and more hospitals are turning to pest control companies that implement modern Integrated Pest Management strategies to solve pest issues. IPM is a cleaner, safer, and more eco-friendly approach to controlling…

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Rodent Prevention Tips For Houston Businesses

March 6, 2015

Rats and mice can spell big trouble for Houston businesses. These rodents are known for causing all sorts of problems. Not only do they drag in diseases and parasites that pose some pretty serious health risks to your employees and customers but they are also known for contaminating surfaces and chewing through wires, leaving behind an increased risk of fires. These pests…

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Pest Preparing Strategies For Houston Homes

February 27, 2015

Is your Houston home prepared? If you have not yet committed to year round pest control, spring is the most important time of year to get your home sealed against pest invasion. Even though the winters in Houston can be mild, and pests don't tend to overwinter, they still slow down when it gets cold. This slowdown can trigger their nesting instinct when temperatures rise…

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Meet The Subterranean Termite Colony

February 20, 2015

Just hearing the word termite gives you an uncomfortable feeling. These tiny insects cause approximately 5 billion dollars in property damage in the United States each year. Termites get into your home and chow down on any wood source available as food to build colonies and survive. They particularly enjoy moist wood to chew through. The hardest part about a termite…

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