Do you ever feel like you are hearing noises at night? We’re not talking about the ordinary creaking of a house, the heating or cooling unit at work or even ones you just think you hear. When the lights are out and we are relying on our sense of sound, even the smallest movements or cracks in the home can often be heard loud and clear. And unfortunately in some cases, the noises you hear are the pitter-patter of little rodents (including mice and rats) running through the walls at night.

Once inside, rodents are considered a dangerous pest and though they may be small and look like your pet hamster, let us assure you, neither mice nor rats are good company to keep or let run through your South Texas home. Contact Holder’s Pest Solutions right away for rodent control if you’ve heard scratching, scurrying or rummaging sounds inside your walls or elsewhere in your home. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of damage to your home, avoid food contamination and illnesses spread by rodents, and actually sleep through the night.

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Of course the best way to protect people and property is to prevent rodents from entering. Rodent control in Houston is something our team at Holder’s Pest Solutions knows a lot about. In fact, we’ve put together a few rodent prevention tips to aid you in your pursuit of a rodent free home.

  • Seal cracks, holes and utilities openings on the outside of the home.

  • Keep food stored in airtight containers that rodents cannot gain access.

  • Empty trash bins often and keep garbage outside stored well away from the house.

  • Keep kitchen counters and floors clean, sinks empty of dirty dishes and appliances free of grease and food debris.

  • Eliminate hiding places for mice and rats by getting rid of clutter in storage areas and throughout the home.

If you do happen to find evidence of a rodent infestation like mouse droppings, gnaw marks, the sound of rodents in the walls, or damage to food packaging, then be sure to alert Holder’s Pest Solutions. We provide rodent and pest control services in Houston homes, as well as commercial rodent control for businesses in the Greater Houston area and are ready to help!