Life is expensive. You have the house payment, the utilities, the groceries, the taxes, the insurance, the gas–for all your vehicles–and the list goes on and on and on. You’re bleeding money. And, it hurts. But there are some things that are too important to ignore. Pest control is one of them. Here are three benefits to having year round pest control. You decide if you can live without it.

1. Keeps your family healthy.

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Many people don’t realize the disease and rot insects and wild animals carry, because they don’t think about where those pests have been. If you see a cute little field mouse crawling along the wall, you’re like, “awwwww.” But those cute little mice love dirty things. They have no problem crawling through a sewer, sliding through a leach field, or scurrying over a dead animal carcass. Their bodies are not as adversely affected by rot and disease as you are. And, be assured, the same mouse that climbed in that nasty dumpster across the street, has no compunction to squeezing through your silverware drawer.

It is easy to look at a cockroach, and know it’s nasty. But it is hardly the only insect that likes dirty bacteria covered environments. Many insects are drawn to decay, and their bodies can carry that decay into your food cupboards, and dish cabinets. This results in more sickness for your family. You would be startled to know how many families battle with sickness brought in by household pests.
Year round pest control keeps those pests out, and gives your family the best chance at staying healthy. And, a healthy family is a happy family.

2. Reduces structural damage.

Year round pest control can also keep away pests that cause structural damage. If left unchecked, pests can do a number on your home. Ground hogs dig holes under support structures, causing your patio or deck to sag. Mice get into your walls and chew on your wires. Carpenter ants burrow through wood and make channels that can cause walls to buckle. And, subterranean termites can utterly destroy a home in under five years. These pests are home wreckers. A year round pest program will stop these pests before they can destroy your home.

3. Gives you peace of mind.

There are many bugs that are mostly unsightly: spiders crawling down the shower wall, stink bugs and ladybugs stacked up on the window sill, cluster flies swirling around the ceiling, crickets chirping in the walls, and the list goes on. It’s enough to drive you batty.

Year round pest control gives you peace of mind. You won’t be vacuuming up beetles by the hundreds, or living with cockroaches scaling your walls. Pest protection keeps the bugs outside, where they belong. And, that means more restful nights of sleep for you.

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