While animal rights and health concerns may not be good enough reason to go vegetarian, it seems there’s a new, more urgent necessity to go meatless. New research has linked a bite from the lone star tick to causing meat allergies. We know, this sounds like a scam to make meat lovers turn into vegetable lovers but this is no joke. There have already been over 400 cases of this meat allergy after a tick bite and it seems to spreading up the East Coast and into the Bible Belt.

So, how is this possible? Although all the facts are still being researched what has been discovered so far is that people who have had previous tick bites from areas where the lone star ticks are prevalent are developing meat allergies. But they are not instant; it’s taking three to six hours to develop allergic reactions which are not characteristic of other food allergies. The reactions themselves however are typical, ranging from hives to more severe reactions such as anaphylactic shock.

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While this strange phenomenon is still being researched, it is just another reminder of why it is important to avoid ticks and their bites while enjoying the outdoors. Another and more common result of a tick bite is getting Lyme disease. This disease can be hard to diagnose but leaves many feeling sick, tired, and eventually causing neurological symptoms.

So, regardless of whether you are a carnivore or herbivore, it is still important to prevent tick bites. If you are traveling to an area where ticks are prevalent, make sure to research all the ways in which you can protect yourself from tick bites including thorough tick checks.

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