It can be more than a little horrifying to go into your kitchen flip on the light and see scurrying little bugs head under your fridge or cabinets. Millions all over the world are faced with just this scenario every day. Cockroaches can easily survive anywhere but in warmer climates, like Houston, these resilient insects will flourish. If you are living in an apartment or condo the problem can quickly take on a life of its own with multiple units to hide in.

Pest control in a communal living situation becomes a job too big for just one. It takes the cooperation of tenants, building management and pest professionals to keep the building safe from all pests, including the tough to control cockroach.

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Keeping your apartment or unit clean, taking trash out regularly and disposing of unnecessary clutter can help discourage pest activity in your own unit and your neighbors. Reporting any suspected pest problems in or around the facility is also very helpful.

Building Managers/Superintendents

Properly maintaining the building is a must when it comes to preventing pest problems. Correcting any wet or moisture-ridden areas, properly maintaining machinery and sealing any holes or cracks on the exterior of the building and inside will encourage a pest free environment. Building managers should also have enforceable rules when it comes to sanitation and consider making inspections mandatory.

Pest Control Professionals

Regular pest inspections and treatment is essential. Partnering with a pest control company that excels in commercial pest management ensures tenants and buildings are protected.

If your housing complex is overrun with roaches and other insects and rodents, Holder’s Pest Solutions Of Houston can help. We offer commercial pest control solutions that will protect people and property. Give us a call today or complete our form.