You don’t often see bed bugs crawling all over a room, unless of course you have a severe infestation. If you’ve woken up to tiny red bites on your limbs or exposed skin, a closer examination of your bedding and mattress could reveal live bugs and/or signs of them. Their ideal hiding places are usually in mattresses and box springs. They can also be hiding in the cracks of your bed frame and headboard. As they continue to multiply, the bed bugs will spread through the bedroom and into other rooms of the house or apartment building.

Even though they are not known to transmit or spread diseases, The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have both labeled the bed bug as a public health pest. Holder’s Pest Solutions, understanding the need for swift and complete eradication, offers state of the art thermal remediation. This bed bug heat treatment is an extremely effective means of killing bed bugs in heavy infestations and with the most difficult of conditions.

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Thermal remediation includes many benefits not available with more traditional methods of treatment. Bed bug heat treatment kills adult bed bugs but doesn’t stop there. The treatment kills all the nymphs and eggs as well. Another advantage to heat treatments is it kills the bed bugs that are in places not readily visible or accessible. Thermal remediation is environmentally safe and, in most cases, kills all bed bugs with one treatment. Another advantage is the lack of preparation needed by the customer. You don’t need to remove furniture or other household belongings with thermal remediation heat treatments.

Holder’s bed bug specialists use mobile heating units that pump hot air into the area being treated, raising the temperature up to 135*F and maintains that temperature for a specified period of time. This level of heat is referred to by the industry experts as the bed bug kill zone—a temperature in which bed bugs cannot survive. This green pest control solution is not only safe for use but will also give Holder’s customers the peace of mind that no infestation of bed bugs can survive such treatment.

Bed bugs can be transported into the home in various ways and from a multiplicity of locations. Contact Holder’s Pest Solutions in the unfortunate event that they show up at your house and check out our bed bug control solutions. One of our bed bug experts will assess your situation and make recommendations for the most efficient and successful method. We will give you a thorough understanding of the benefits and effectiveness of their bed bug heat treatments.