After several months of heavy rainfall and the flooding that comes with it, Southeast Texans are ready to see what fall and winter have in-store.

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According to Pest World’s latest Bug Barometer (below), Houston residents may see more ants and cockroaches over the next few months. The warmer and dryer conditions we’re expected to experience will likely drive these pests indoors in search of water to survive. In addition to ants and cockroaches, many Houston residents may notice more ticks and mosquitoes.

Cold Temperatures Across Much of the U.S. Expected to Drive Pests Indoors this Winter.




Ants are more than just frustrating – they’re potentially dangerous to property and people. When they crawl through garbage dumps and sewers, they pick up diseases that can spread to any surface they touch. Pretty scary to think about, right?

To reduce your risk of an ant invasion, start by tidying up your yard and eliminating any outdoor clutter such as piles of leaves and unused building materials. Another way to actively prevent ants is to limit areas of moisture around your home. Overwatered plants and clogged gutters are two convenient places for ants to hydrate. In addition to reducing moisture, it’s important to store food in sealed containers. Ants will happily snack on food left out on counters or tables.

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American cockroaches and German cockroaches are a serious threat to our community and need to be taken seriously. Like ants, they’re difficult to eradicate and are potentially dangerous by spreading illness and contaminating food.

To prevent American cockroaches, and other pests for that matter, you should seal any cracks on the exterior of your structure – some cockroaches can shimmy through cracks and openings as narrow as 1/16 of an inch! Steel wool, caulk, and copper mesh are great tools for sealing these cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. In addition to sealing potential entry points, you should aim to remove as many sources of food and water as you can. Keep garbage far away from your building with a tight-fitting lid, store food in sealed containers, and clean up spills and crumbs as soon as they happen.

Unlike American cockroaches, German cockroaches are more commonly found living inside rather than outdoors. Because of this, it’s important to inspect grocery bags, cardboard boxes, and second-hand furniture before you bring them into your home or business. Signs of German cockroaches include droppings that look very similar to ground pepper and piles of empty egg cases.


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