One of the more widespread pests in America is the bed bug. This dreaded creature is present in all 50 states, will be a nuisance to you throughout the year, and continues to be one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. Pest management companies respond to requests for treatment of bed bugs in residential homes, college dorms, hotels, nursing homes, offices, schools, daycare centers, hospitals and several other locations. It is certainly safe to say that there are bed bugs in Texas, and Texans continue to have preventing and exterminating bed bugs on their minds.

Although everyone has probably heard about the existence of bed bugs, there are some strange facts about this pesky nuisance that may prove interesting. Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans, as their hosts, exhale. While bed bugs are historically related to nighttime activity and biting people while in bed, the fact is, bed bugs can be found just about anywhere there are people. This includes bus terminals and other places of public transportation, movie theaters and changing rooms at your favorite store. Bed bugs are not just in big cities or third-world countries, they are found in urban and rural areas throughout the United States.

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There are many things that make bed bugs are hard to exterminate. For example, they can survive freezing temperatures and temperatures all the way up to 122 degrees. They can go several months in between meals, which means they can hide in suitcases and furniture for extended periods of time, until a human host becomes available again. They are small and very hard to spot, and are active when you are not. All these things add up to one thing – a great ability to survive and adapt.

Bed bugs are very methodical and have a consistent, predictable feeding pattern. The saliva of a bed bug actually acts as a numbing agent, making the bite and feeding process quick and painless. As soon as they finish their blood meal, the bed bug then retreats to secluded hiding places for several days. It is at this time that they digest their meal, mate and lay eggs. An adult bed bug can have hundreds of babies in a short period of time. Once her eggs are laid, they will hatch within a week to 10 days.

Because bed bugs are very evasive and can go months without eating, they may be in your home for several months before you discover their presence. Their elusive survival instincts require professional pest control experts to ensure successful extermination.

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