There are a lot of pests that want to invade your home or business. Some of them are only looking for a place to hide from the weather, but the vast majority come seeking food. If you know what foods pests eat, you can deter them from coming in, or in many cases, from sticking around once they’ve come in.

Sweets: There are many pests with a sweet tooth. Bees, hornets and wasps will thank you for leaving a fruit drink out or a piece of fruit lying around. They love everything that is sweet. If you have spilt sugar, ants will love you for it, and build super-highways into your home to get at it. Fruit flies enjoy a rotting banana or apple core. They will even breed more fruit flies in it because their babies like fruit too.

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Plants: If you have a garden, you’ll have pests. They eat the greenery. They eat the vegetables. And, draw nectar from the flowers.

Wood: Some pests don’t come to your home to eat your food. They come to eat your home itself. You can’t hide the food from these pests. The best you can do is not make your home moist and chewy for them. Wood-destroying pests (carpenter ants and termites) prefer rotting, soft wood.

Fabrics: Some insects love to eat cloth, wool and other fabrics. If you have moths fluttering around in your closets, there is something you should know. Those moths aren’t eating your clothes. Clothing moths don’t eat anything. They only breed, lay eggs and die. Killing them yourself won’t save your cashmere sweaters. You need to kill their babies. They are the ones making all those holes in your fine apparel.

Grime: If you don’t want roaches in your home, deep cleaning will make a dent in their numbers. Clean the sides of your oven and under your fridge, routinely.

Each other: Many insects are predators. Wasps will kill spiders. Spiders will eat flying insects. But even pests that are not necessarily a predator will enjoy a rotting carcass on your lawn. It is important to be aware that the ants crawling around on your counter could have been crawling around a dead bird in your backyard.

Trash: Do you think that drying ketchup or fermenting apple sauce is nasty? Pests don’t. They love your trash. Flies and other insects feed and breed in there. And, wildlife will come out of the woods to enjoy the buffet.

You: Some pests just feed on you. Bed bugs, mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, ticks, lice and other blood eating pests come to feed on you. The best you can do to deter these critters is to make it harder for them to bite you.

If you manage food sources around your home and throw in quarterly visits from a pest control provider, you can significantly improve your quality of living and protect your home and family from the damaging effects of invasive pests. Life is better without pests. Give it a try and find out.

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