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10 01, 2013

Here’s To A Pest Free Home In 2013!

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With the beginning of a new year everyone is starting out strong in an effort to stick to those resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. Among the many popular resolutions are things like get to the gym more, eat healthier and save up for a vacation. But did you know that just as important as your own health is the health of your home? 

6 12, 2012

Tips for Unpacking Holiday Decorations in Houston

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While some people have had their decorations up for weeks, for many families now is the time to start lugging boxes down stairs from the attic or upstairs from the basement to prepare the home for the holiday season. It is important to keep in mind that while you unpack your holiday decorations, you may be in for more than just ornaments.

10 10, 2012

Why You Don’t Want Crazy Ants In Your Houston Home

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Taking ants to a whole new level of nuisance is the erratic behavior of a species called rasberry crazy ants. Named after Texas exterminator, Tom Rasberry, these ants truly are crazy both in name and as a pest. While they may only be about 1/8 of an inch in size, there are many reasons why homeowners in Houston, as well as across Texas, do not want crazy ants problems and why they are doing everything they can to avoid an infestation of crazy ants.

25 09, 2012

Slithering Snakes Of Texas

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A commonly feared pest to many Texas homeowners are snakes. These slithering creatures can be found all over the state including homes, farms, woods, and even in urban areas. And between the venom, the bites, and the constricting habits of snakes, it’s no wonder they stir up fear in most. So you are fully aware of what types of the snakes are lurking in your backyard, the Houston pest control pros at Holder’s Pest Solutions have some information on the common snakes found in Texas.

10 09, 2012

WNV Requires Increased Mosquito Control In Texas

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If you have recently turned on the news or opened the newspaper it is likely that you have stumbled across the latest in the spread of the West Nile Virus (WNV). Texas, among many other states, has seen record numbers in humans affected by WNV this summer. Transmitted via mosquito bites, WNV is a serious concern for many and has even caused a number of deaths in the state. The good news is that with extra caution, you can protect yourself and your family from contracting this potentially dangerous virus.

23 08, 2012

A Tick Bite That Leaves You Allergic To Meat?

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While animal rights and health concerns may not be good enough reason to go vegetarian, it seems there’s a new, more urgent necessity to go meatless. New research has linked a bite from the lone star tick to causing meat allergies.

11 07, 2012

Rasberry Crazy Ants Continue To Infest Texas Homes

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There are several types of ants in Texas, however one that has garnered a lot of attention since its discovery in Houston in 2002, is the rasberry crazy ant. Unlike other common ants, the rasberry crazy ant is considered an invasive species which according to the Texas A & M’s website means “An alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health...” and is known for its erratic behavior when foraging.

20 04, 2012

Watch Out For Termites In Texas

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There’s nothing worse than the realization that you have been hosting termites who have been slowly feeding on the wood structures of your home. Many homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas have found that the humid conditions of Texas can be perfect for hosting a colony of subterranean termites. Not only are termites capable of causing major structural damages but they can go undetected for long periods of time.

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