A commonly feared pest to many Texas homeowners are snakes. These slithering creatures can be found all over the state including homes, farms, woods, and even in urban areas. And between the venom, the bites, and the constricting habits of snakes, it’s no wonder they stir up fear in most. So you are fully aware of what types of the snakes are lurking in your backyard, the Houston pest control pros at Holder’s Pest Solutions have some information on the common snakes found in Texas.

Texas Rat Snake – A type of rat snake often found throughout Texas is the Texas Rat Snake. This is a large snake that can grow past six feet in length. They vary in color and pattern but many are a yellow or tan color. These snakes are not venomous and even though they will bite if they are handled, the bites are harmless. Texas Rat Snakes through constriction eat rodents, birds, lizards, frogs, chickens, and their eggs.

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Western Cottonmouth – With an average size of about 30 – 42 inches, the Western Cottonmouth may be smaller than other snakes but they are considered a thick skinned, venomous species. Their skin is usually a darker color, grayish-brown, but the inside of their mouth is bright white hence the name “cottonmouth”. They are mostly found in moist areas such as swamps, ditches, marshes, etc.

Texas Corn Snake – A commonly bred snake for pet purposes is the corn snake. This species ranges in size from 24 – 72 inches and is known for their orange, yellow, brown and red colors and patterns. Texas Corn Snakes feed primarily on frogs, lizards, and rodents by constriction. While they do have venom, it does not come through their fangs so they do not pose a threat to humans.

Western Diamondback Rattle Snake – A much feared venomous snake to Texans is the Western Diamondback Rattler Snake. This particular species is responsible for a large majority of snakebite fatalities in the U.S. and Mexico. They can grow to be over 4 feet in length and they vary in color but are usually a gray-brown color that blends with the dust and ground. They rarely back down from confrontation which makes them a threat to anyone or anything that crosses their path.

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