If you have recently turned on the news or opened the newspaper it is likely that you have stumbled across the latest in the spread of the West Nile Virus (WNV). Texas, among many other states, has seen record numbers in humans affected by WNV this summer. Transmitted via mosquito bites, WNV is a serious concern for many and has even caused a number of deaths in the state. The good news is that with extra caution, you can protect yourself and your family from contracting this potentially dangerous virus.

West Nile Virus is transmitted to humans from the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes get infected from birds who carry the virus and this year is proving to show record numbers in those infected with WNV. The good news is that nearly 80% of those who become infected with the virus do not show any symptoms. But the bad news is that those with a weakened immune system could easily end up in the hospital or even worse, WNV could be fatal. The Texas Department of State Health Services has reported 40 deaths as of the end of August.

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There are many theories on why WNV is spreading so rapidly this year and many pest control professionals believe it has something to do with our weather patterns (mild winters, summer drought, etc.). With that said, even despite record numbers of mosquitoes infected with WNV, there are many ways that we can reduce mosquito activity on our properties and increase our chances of avoiding mosquito bites.

Here are some helpful mosquito prevention tips from the Houston pest control experts:

  1. Remove all sources of standing water from the property from places including toys, plant pots, and any other objects that collect water.
  2. Empty out bird baths at least once a week, or perhaps remove them all together.
  3. Clear debris and clogs from gutters so that water does not become stagnant.
  4. Fix any leaky pipes or air conditioning units that are dripping outside.
  5. Keep pools and hot tubs covered when not in use.
  6. Avoid going outside during peak mosquito activity which is usually dawn and dusk.
  7. When outside in an area with mosquitoes be sure to wear protective clothing that covers the skin.
  8. Apply insect repellent when in a buggy area to avoid mosquito bites.

Although WNV is continuing to strike, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy time outside. As long as you and your family take some precautionary measures to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes, you will greatly reduce your risk of contracting WNV.

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