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4 02, 2016

Press Release: Walter Parada Named Finalist in 2015 Commercial Pest Control Technician of the Year Awards

Houston Pest Control, News|


Holder’s Pest Solutions, an operating division of Copesan Services, Inc., today announced Walter Parada, IPM Sales and Service Specialist, has been named a finalist in the 2015 Technician of the Year Awards, presented by Pest Control Technology (PCT) magazine.


26 06, 2015

How To Handle Bed Bug Complaints In Hotels

Bed Bugs|

Do you have a bed bug plan? In this modern age of social media, you can't afford not to. All it takes is one bed bug incident to keep potential guests away. Three or more complaints could leave you with a publicity nightmare--not to mention a possible lawsuit. Don't let bed bugs take you by surprise. Get proactive and develop a written plan that will protect your business from bad press and potential liability. The following are guidelines established by the National Pest Management Association to help you get your plan started.

22 11, 2013

Have You Found Our Most Wanted Pests In Texas?

Ants, Rodents|

If you are seeing any signs of pest activity in your Texas home, contact Holder's Pest Solutions today! Mice, rats, crazy ants, and beetles are just a few of the common offenders. To successfully get rid of and keep out unwelcome critters, sign up for year round pest protection from Holder's Pest Solutions. 

26 04, 2013

American Cockroach Dangers And Prevention In Texas

Houston Pest Control|

American cockroaches are a problem in many Texas properties and they can cause serious stress for home and business owners.  Also known as palmetto bugs or water bugs, they are approximately two inches in length and their large size makes a lot of people squirm! They are oval, normally shiny reddish brown in color with long and threadlike antennae and a pale brown figure eight shaped band on the back of their heads.  You may have them in your home or business in the warmer months in humid areas that have access to food.  The Houston pest control professionals at Holder’s Pest Solutions know the dangers that these bugs can pose, which is why we’ve come up with a few prevention tips for South Texas property owners to keep these large cockroaches at bay.

20 02, 2013

Food Safety Modernization Act: What It Means For Your Food Processing Facility

Houston Pest Control, Pest Prevention Tips|

Signed into law on January 4, 2011, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is changing food safety laws. This means big changes for the entire food production industry including food processing and food manufacturing facilities. According to the FDA, “[The Food Safety Modernization Act] aims to ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.” For food processing or food manufacturing facilities in Houston, it is important to be aware of the laws and regulations under the new FSMA and also how your commercial pest control plan is already helping.

10 10, 2012

Why You Don’t Want Crazy Ants In Your Houston Home

Ants, Houston Pest Control, Pest Prevention Tips|

Taking ants to a whole new level of nuisance is the erratic behavior of a species called rasberry crazy ants. Named after Texas exterminator, Tom Rasberry, these ants truly are crazy both in name and as a pest. While they may only be about 1/8 of an inch in size, there are many reasons why homeowners in Houston, as well as across Texas, do not want crazy ants problems and why they are doing everything they can to avoid an infestation of crazy ants.

23 08, 2012

A Tick Bite That Leaves You Allergic To Meat?

Houston Pest Control|

While animal rights and health concerns may not be good enough reason to go vegetarian, it seems there’s a new, more urgent necessity to go meatless. New research has linked a bite from the lone star tick to causing meat allergies.

11 07, 2012

Rasberry Crazy Ants Continue To Infest Texas Homes

Ants, Houston Pest Control|

There are several types of ants in Texas, however one that has garnered a lot of attention since its discovery in Houston in 2002, is the rasberry crazy ant. Unlike other common ants, the rasberry crazy ant is considered an invasive species which according to the Texas A & M’s website means “An alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health...” and is known for its erratic behavior when foraging.

20 06, 2012

Keep Rodents Out of Your Texas Facility

Pest Prevention Tips, Rodents|

For many businesses one of the seemingly worst pest problems to encounter are rodents. Mice and rats can have a negative impact on your business’s image and reputation and should be avoided. For business owners in Houston, if your facility has seen any rodent activity or if you would like to stay proactive, Holder's Pest Solutions would like to offer some tips to keep a rodent free facility.

23 05, 2012

Rasberry Crazy Ants, What?!


It’s true, there really is an ant species called rasberry crazy ants. Named after a local exterminator from Pasadena, TX, Tom Rasberry discovered rasberry crazy ants in 2002. Despite their odd name, this species of ant can be a serious problem for many homeowners as they are tricky to get rid of.

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