While some people have had their decorations up for weeks, for many families now is the time to start lugging boxes down stairs from the attic or upstairs from the basement to prepare the home for the holiday season. It is important to keep in mind that while you unpack your holiday decorations, you may be in for more than just ornaments. Often times if decorations are not packed properly the year before, pests including mice, spiders, silverfish and others could be living amongst your favorite holiday decor.

To help homeowners in Texas successfully get the home decorated with lights, trees, and other festive holiday pieces, the Houston pest control experts at Holder’s Pest Solutions would like to share some tips for unpacking your decorations and avoiding any pest problems from spreading throughout the home.

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  • Bring all of your boxes and bags of decorations outside to do the sorting and unpacking (if the weather permits). This way, if you do encounter any pests while sorting through the boxes then at least they will run off outside of your home.

  • Discard any items that have been damaged by pests such as broken ornaments, chewed through lights or fabrics. Damaged decorations may not be safe to have hanging in your home and electrical equipment could pose a fire hazard.

  • Inspect your decorations for any signs of pests like mice droppings, gnaw marks, dead insects or spider webs. All of these are indicators that not only your decorations but your attic or even your home could have a pest infestation.

  • If you are buying a real Christmas tree then be sure to keep it sitting in a garage or basement to warm up before it comes into the home. Once the tree warms up, the critters will become active and this is not something you want taking place inside your home. A good shake will also help dislodge pests.

  • Wash all of your linens including holiday tablecloths, napkins, blankets or other washable items to help remove any debris from pests like urine or feces that can contain bacteria and other pathogens.

If you believe that your ornaments and other holiday decorations are hosting pests this year then be sure to contact us at Holder’s Pest Solutions in order to get rid of the pest infestation and help to prevent future pests from invading. Remember, while some pests are just a nuisance to have in your home, some are more dangerous and could lead to health concerns as well as damages to your home. Keep your home pest free through the holidays with the help of our Houston pest control services.