Throughout hurricane season, our community sees a large influx of pests – especially mosquitoes, rodents, and cockroaches. The increase in moisture and habitat displacement is primarily why we see more insects and rodents.

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Now that tropical storm Beta has moved through our area, here are the some of the pests you can expect, and how you can act to prevent them from becoming a bigger problem:


Mosquitoes – Since mosquitoes breed in standing water, you’re likely to see more of them over the next few weeks. To protect yourself and your community from the dangers of mosquitoes, be sure to remove as much water as you can from tires, buckets, trash cans, and gutters. You’ll also want to tightly cover any containers to keep water from collecting inside.

If you plan to be outside for an extended period, make sure to wear a mosquito repellent containing DEET or Picaridin. Aside from being a nuisance, they transmit dangerous diseases such as Malaria and the Zika virus. Long clothing and a repellent will reduce your risk of mosquito bites.


Cockroaches – With cockroaches being driven out of sewers by the flooding, they are looking for a warm place to live.

Check the exterior of your home or business for gaps or cracks around pipes, windows, doors, and exterior walls. Fill them in is as best you can to prevent them from entering. Keeping your kitchen clean and garbage cans far away from the house will also prevent them from becoming an issue.


Rodents – Rodents like rats and mice are another pest commonly found in sewers. As the water rises, they’ll likely make the nearest shelter their new home. It’s common to find rodents take shelter in basements and beneath buildings since they’re close to the sewer systems.

Your best method of prevention is to seal any cracks or gaps in your home or business. Caulk around doors and windows, put tight fitting covers on vents, and replace loose or missing roof shingles. This will help prevent them now and in the future.

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